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    • Charlie Adler has recycled the same voice for some of the characters he has provided voices for, though he is capable of providing a wide array of voices.

    • Charlie Adler had a chapter about him written in the book The Magic Behind the Voices, which was published in December, 2004.

    • Charlie Adler has taken on work with McDonalds throughout his career and not only has he been in some of their commercials, but he also provided voices for three of their direct to video releases of McDonald's Adventures, an animated program that is about Ronald McDonald and his friends.

    • Charlie Adler has provided voices for animated programs on nearly every major network that airs cartoons, including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel, amongst others.

    • Charlie Adler was amongst the hundreds of people invited to the Whitehouse in 1991 by Barbera Bush in honor of his contributions towards the First Lady's literacy program.

    • Charlie Adler co-wrote and starred a one-man play There Used to be Fireflies, in which he had over fifteen roles within the play and he won a Dramalogue Award For Best Actor for his work.

    • Charlie Adler has expressed that he doesn't know anything about computers, which is why he doesn't have an e-mail address.

    • While Charlie Adler was touring with the First National Company on Broadway, he earned a best actor nomination for a Helen Hayes Award.

    • Before becoming a voice actor, Charlie Adler spent time in many various jobs. He was once a remedial reading teacher, a janitor, a caretaker, a house renovator and a baker.

    • When Charlie Adler was attending a graphic art class, he posed as a nude model at the Art Students League in New York in order to get money to pay for his classes.

    • Charlie Adler is currently working to gain a degree in naturopathy and contact reflexology in his spare time.

    • Charlie Adler has received two nominations in the Annie Awards throughout his career, though he lost both awards to other individuals.

    • Charlie Adler provided the original voice of Buster Bunny in the series Tiny Toon Adventures, but he quit the position when he got into a dispute with the Producers of the series in regards to how he and his main co-stars weren't given any roles in the then in-the-works series Animaniacs.

    • Charlie Adler has appeared in over one hundred different television commercials throughout his career.

    • Charlie Adler once starred on Broadway in Torch Song Trilogy when he took over the position that Harvey Feinstein once had.

    • Charlie Adler served as a voice director for Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, though he also provided the voice of an inspector in the film.

    • His best known role in recent times was on the series Cow and Chicken, in which he provided the voices of nearly every single character on that series.

    • Charlie Adler has provided many voices for animated programs; in fact, has provided the voices for over one-hundred regular characters in over eighty different animated series.

    • Charlie Adler has worked with many well known voice actors throughout his career, such as Jim Cummings and Rob Paulsen.

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