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  • A hugely talented and insanely intelligent man.

    A satirical, sarcastic, unsarcastic, funny, ironic, mocking and bright man who has quickly raised his profile to one of my personal media personality favourites.

    A career in and around the media has allowed him to gain knowledge of every aspect within the business which, when coupled with his perplexing intelligence, produces very entertaining sketches, columns, shows and cartoons.

    Currently, he is rather unknown to the general public, with only a few vague appearances on panel and guests shows, but with the ever-increasing popularity of his acclaimed TV review show 'Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe', his wit and hilarious outlook on the world will become more apparent to more people.

    I would have given him 10/10 but, unfortunately for him, he isn't a size 6 brunette with double D's.