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    • Charlie: Drama school was a real low. Suddenly I felt like the worst actor in the world. It has taken me a good few years to regain confidence.

    • Charlie: Fame terrifies me. I can say that with honesty. I've met other young actors and spoken to them about it. I've been friends with Sienna for a while and we've spoken about it. It seems it's a hard balance to strike.

    • Charlie: It's so easy to become obsessed with the film industry and recognition that we can forget that we are not saving the world. We are just actors trying to entertain people.

    • Charlie: Today we are in a manic rush to be rich and famous. None of us young stars has had time to learn our trade. There is a horrible misconception that you can either act or not. But experience is everything.

    • Charlie: (on the movie "Stardust") My take on the film is exactly that. It's got a bit of everything in it, for everyone! It's an action adventure film but at the same time it's a romantic comedy. It's certainly a children's film as well as being made for adults. It's kind of hard to pigeon hole.

    • Charlie: (on the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book "Stardust") A movie is one person's interpretation of the book, it's not everybody's interpretation so there are going to be people who I am sure don't see it the same way. The hope is people will understand its one person's idea. It's more a testament to the book than an exact copy.

    • Charlie: (on the hardest part of his profession) Finding a way of playing a scene that is real. Sounds obvious, but it's really tricky. That's what we as actors endeavor to do and what I find most interesting: Understanding to the best of my ability the human condition and why we act and react as we do and bring that to the character.

    • Charlie: I am incredibly self-deprecating. It stems from self-doubt. With every job I watch, I can't find peace with what I've done. It's never good enough in my mind.

    • Charlie: (on what's next for him after doing "Stardust") I plan to do as much work in the UK as I possibly can. I'm still young you know I don't feel the pressure to become the next James Bond!

    • Charlie: (on working with Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro in "Stardust") It was pretty spectacular not an opportunity you get everyday. It was hugely beneficial to me so early in my career.

    • Charlie: (on relating to his character Tristan in "Stardust") I related to Tristan in terms of where he was in his life, that place between boyhood and manhood where you just can't really figure it all out quite yet. He's no longer a boy and not yet a man and everything is awkward and he can't get it together.

    • Charlie: Learning lines is the least difficult part of my job... When you do a play, you have to know the entire script, but in film, you learn your scenes each day, but I'm lucky - learning lines is easy. Touch wood.

    • Charlie: I'm easier escaping into a role than being myself. When I have photographs taken I feel uncomfortable. I can't walk in front of photographers on the red carpet and feel at home.

    • Charlie: (on wishing on a star) Yeah, I think when I was younger. But in London, you don't see many due to the weather. So I think we just wish we could see more stars!

    • Charlie: I'm not focusing on being famous, I'm not waiting until I'm recognised on the street - that stuff I think is stupid