Charlie Dimmock




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Famed for her lack of supportive underwear, Charlie Dimmock is one of Britain's best-known gardeners. Ground Force wouldn't be the same without her.

She started her career by training for four years as an amenity horticulturalist in Winchester and Somerset, as well as a year at the Chelsea Physic Garden.

She was working at a water gardening nursery and built a pond for the Meridian television series Grass Roots when television producer John Thornicroft discovered her. He didn't forget her and five years later when he was putting together Ground Force he made her part of the team. The rest is history. The team has transformed countless gardens, including those of famous people, such as Nelson Mandela. When Ground Force gave his garden in Qunu, South Africa, a makeover, Nelson loved it.

Charlie says: "He kept looking round saying 'Gee whiz'."

He also told Charlie that she looked like a Spice Girl!

She has also been in Cheer for Charlie - a one hour special where she joins the circus to become a trapeze artist - Charlie's Wildlife Gardens, Charlie's Garden Army, the Early Show, Girls on Top, Holiday and Celebrity Ready Steady Cook.

She has written Enjoy Your Garden, the Ground Force Water Garden Workbook, plus the 400-page magazine At Home with Charlie Dimmock. Charlie writes for the national press and has her own CD-Rom: Charlie Dimmock's Water Garden Designer.

In an interview for the BBC Gardening website, Charlie revealed that she doesn't have a television at home. And when asked if she prefers being a gardener, or a gardening TV presenter, she said: "Swings and roundabouts. I get frustrated because I don't get to do enough gardening, but then you get lots to do sometimes. You get to meet lots of people and see people's gardens that you don't normally see."