Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson


7/3/1958, Frome, Somerset, England

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Charles Higson
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Charlie was born in Frome (Somerset) in 1958. He went to Sevenoakds Schook, and then the University of East Anglia, and spent a short time in the band, The Higsons. He is well known as an actor, writer and producer for comedy, including The Fast Show, Randall andmore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Charlie's favourite internet activity is playing Call of Duty 2 online, fighting other users from all over the world.

    • In 2008, Charlie was one of the authors appearing at the Bath Children's Literary Festival and at the Harrogate crime-writing festival.

    • When asked to select his Top Five musical moments for New Scotsman, Charlie selected: Ain't Misbehavin' by Fats Waller, Waiting for the Man by Velvet Underground, Sex Machine by James Brown, Soldadi by Orchestra Baobab and Guero Canelo by Calexico.

    • At the University of East Anglia, Charlie studied English, American Literature and Films.

    • In the Sony Radio Academy Awards, 2008, Charlie won Best Comedy for Down the Line, which he created with Paul Whitehouse.

    • Charlie took part in a radio broadcast commemorating the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth in May 2008. In addition, he has published his Top Ten Bond villains.

    • Charlie was in a band in the 1980s called The Higsons, that released three albums and nine singles. Charlie played piano and sang lead vocals.

    • Charlie has written five Young James Bond novels: Silverfin, Blood Fever, Double or Die, Hurricane Gold and By Royal Command. In addition, Charlie reads the audio version of the books. In 2008, Silverfin was turned into a graphic novel.

  • Quotes

    • (speaking in June 2008)
      Charlie: I've had a very lucky life, to be able to work and make money doing something you love is a blessing.

    • (on why he is a writer)
      Charlie: I have always loved creating things. I was very keen on art at school. But writing a book you can create anything you like, from an entire world down to a pair of special trousers.

    • (on writing for "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" on his own)
      Charlie: Occasionally, there were times when I wanted to turn round and ask Paul [Whitehouse, his "Fast Show" writing partner] if I was doing the right thing but of course he wasn't standing next to me - that's a bit scary. But there's enough other people around to make sure you do anything too stupid.

    • (on who should be the next James Bond)
      Charlie: It should be me. I can pull off a safari suit and I'm about the same age as Roger Moore when he started playing Bond. I think I'd be the people's choice. They'd want to see a fat, out-of-shape James Bond.

    • (on his advice to young writers)
      Charlie: If you start trying to write to please other people, or you're writing because you think that's what someone else will like it, or that's what the market is looking for, your heart won't be in it, and it will be pretty soulless. So in the end you write for yourself, you write to please yourself, and if you can do stuff that you think is good, and that you like, that's what it's all about.

    • (on why his next series of young James Bond books will be aimed at an older audience)
      Charlie: The question of sex is the hardest thing - one of the facts we get from one of Bond short stories is that he lost his virginity aged 16 in a brothel in Paris. I don't think I can quite get away with that for a 10-year-old reader.