Charlie McDermott

Charlie McDermott


4/6/1990, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Birth Name

Charles Joseph McDermott


  • Charlie McDermott on The Middle season 3.
  •  Charlie McDermott as Axl on The Middle.
  • Charlie McDermott as Axl on The Middle.
  • Charlie McDermott as Axl, Patricia Heato...
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Charlie McDermott is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Axl Heck on ABC's The Middle. A Pennsylvania native, Charlie started his career in 2003 with a few speaking lines in M. Night Shyamalan's The Village. Within a year following that film, Charlie was hired for several television…more


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    • Charlie: From the moment I saw Star Wars when I was five I pretty much knew that I wanted to be involved with movies and television in some aspect. It wasn't always acting; it started off mostly as directing but turned into acting when I realized that was pretty much all I was able to do at that age.

    • Charlie: At thirteen, I started working professionally, moved from Philadelphia to New York and ended up in Los Angeles. My advice would be make sure it's something you really, really, want. Oh, and finish high school.

    • Charlie: I was at the DMV when I found out that I had booked The Middle, and I had been waiting in line for forty-five minutes to get something completed, and I was the second in line when I got the call. And when I got the call I was just like, 'Yeah!' and walked out of line and left.

    • Charlie: (on Steve Carell) He's probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He's a really, really cool guy – you know, down to earth and hilarious – obviously. He's almost just like a normal person, like you're meeting somebody's dad, and this dad just happens to be a really successful comedian.

    • Charlie: The Office is my favorite show, so when I found out that I was going to audition for it, that was enough for me. I got to meet almost the entire cast, which was a dream come true.

    • Charlie: When I first [moved to LA] I auditioned for the original pilot [of The Middle]. After a few auditions I didn't end up getting the part. The original pilot went on to be shot however it was never picked up. Two years later I auditioned for the same role and show. It was a little weird. I went in and auditioned knowing that Patricia Heaton was attached to the project, so I really wanted the role. I did about five or six auditions before I got the part and was very fortunate that everything worked out and that the show got picked up.

    • Charlie: I've got a very small level of fame at the moment and I'm completely content. I have no desire to become a celebrity, but sometimes that isn't something you can control. So we'll see where that goes.

    • Charlie: (on his wardrobe on The Middle) The only thing I really had to get used to was the cold, because that soundstage can be pretty chilly at 6 a.m. But fortunately my skin has gotten a little thicker and I don't really notice it as much anymore. I've met a couple people on the street that are fans of the show, but my semi-nakedness has not yet made it into any of the conversations, fortunately.

    • Charlie: M. Night Shyamalan was actually the one who encouraged me to keep acting. After my scene in The Village I ran into him at the dinner line, and he basically told me he thought I was a very good actor and should keep at it. He was my hero at the time so it was absolutely amazing to hear him say that.

    • Charlie McDermott: You will never miss 100% of the shots you don't take.