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  • Charlie Sheen is a total babe~

    I have followed C Sheen's from like 20-25 years ago - when I was a teen- he was hot then and he is Hot now!! I didn't care for the movie Hot Shots- or whatever it was- thought that was kinda stupid- but otherwise, he is a very talented actor, and good looking guy! - I really like his new show>Two and a half men- w/ Ducky boy and Jake- Jon Cryer needs Charlie- just to get paid! Jake is a good character, and so is Berta- shes funny also- but it's Charlie that really makes the show- I double tape- on 2 Vcr's 1 is 2and half men- and other is Deal or No Deal-~ Stay hot Charlie boy!!- Vicki from VA
  • never will be as good


    love u charlie sheen. two in a half men will never be as good without charlie sheen he is the star the best. what where u guys thinking bring him back. ya it will be hard but figure it out we want charlie sheen. we want CHARLIE SHEEN!!!!!! u never should of killed him off. horrible idea foreal.

  • My Favorite Actor from the 80\'s

    Charlie was absolutely my favorite actor in the 80\'s and I have seen him in just about everything he\'s done. First was Red Dawn, where he played Patrick Sawyze\'s younger brother in a film that sees communism take over parts of the U.S. He did a wonderful just in this and the ending makes me cry my eyes out. He was becoming known in Hollywood especially with big films like Platoon and Wall Street in which he did excellent jobs in and soon his career was buzzing. Not long after, however, his drug problem became known and it looked like his career suffered from it as did his quality of work. Finally, after a few years of smaller grossing films (with some straight to video) he got things back together in his personal life...coinciently it seems to be about the time of the TV show Spin can see him shine once again with all the talent that this very talented actor has...I\'m just personally glad he got himself together to show all those nasayers exactly how much talent he has and hope to be entertained by him for years to come.
  • Charlie is an American actor. He may be best known for Charlie off of Two and a Half Men and Spin City.

    Charlie Sheen was born in New York City on September 3rd, 1965. He attended Santa Monica High School and his two major interests were acting and baseball. His friends in school included Rob Lowe and Sean Penn, and with them, he filmed over 200 amateur Super-8 films. He was a pitcher for the Santa Monica High School baseball team, and his fastest pitch he threw was 84 mph. A few weeks before graduation, Sheen was expelled from the school for poor grades and bad attendance. Sheen started acting when he was at the age of nine (1974). Sheen's film career began in 1984, and his first major role was in Platoon (1986). In 2001 and 2002 Sheen played the lead role in the political television sitcom, Spin City (as Michael J. Fox's replacement on that show). In 2002 he won the Golden Globe Award for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy" for this role (Awards detailed below). Currently he stars in Two and a Half Men as the main character Charlie Harper, debuted in 2003. Some movies he is best known for the Major League series, Scary Movie 3 & 4. Overall this guy is one of the all time greats.
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    Charlie Sheen is really an underrated actor and entertainer. While people knock him for his sordid personal life, I look past his faults there and only focus on his acting talent. He has starred in some wonderful comedies over the years. He also has had a successful television career. Of all his films, my favorite is "Major League."
  • superb

    Even though recently he has made some bad life choices, and done bad things, like badmouth CBS and Chuck Lorre, I cannot deny he is not talented. I watch Two and a Half Men sometimes, and even though I am nowhere near what you'd call a big fan of it, I do think he is pretty funny in it. The problem is, he acts in real life exactly how he does on the show, which has gotten him in a lot of trouble recently. But he is still talented both as an actor and a comedian, he just needs to clean up his act a little, I would say
  • There is no Two and a half men without Charlie Sheen. He was the star. You still have a chance to bring him back, no body, Rose keeping him hostage in Paris, let me go to detox, help your star, he deserves the love we all have for him. I watched it for


    2 shows to see if they would show Charlie tied up somewhere in Paris, but nothing, nothing but poor insults from his brother and his own mother, who wants to watch a show where nobody cares. At least Charlie was himself, thats what we related to. Ashton, go back to the 70's show, you play the same stupid character. Bring Charolie Sheen back after he detoxes , save his life, but bring him back or say goodby to 2 and half men. Ashton can't save it. Only Charlie can. There is only one Charlie. I refuse to watch the show until he is back.

  • To me the best comedy actor...perfect for parodies! But also a great actor for several roles.

    I knew Charlie Sheen since i was a kid from movies like the two "Hot Shots!", and i must say parodies are among my favourite genres! I do believe Charlie Sheen is PERFECT for those kind of roles, since he's able to mantain himself serious during the acting, which improves the humour and the pathos of the comedic scene! I appreciated him in a dramatic role in "Wall Street", but i can't deny "Comedy" is his habitat. I now see him in "Two and a Half Men" and i find again all the reasons i like him making me laugh. Obviously he's partnered by great actors nontheless by an amazing funny and cool kid, but the backbone of the show is clearly him and his great comedic abilities! If you share my thoughts about Charlie Sheen then you'll love the show!
  • Charlie Sheen was born 3rd September 1965. Son of Martin Sheen. He is a high school dropout, and hoped to pitch for a baseball team when he grew up. But instead he became one of the biggest stars in the world...

    Charlie is great! He can play both funny and serious characters. A great comedy actor and a great drama actor. Everyone remember “Platoon”, and “Wall Street”, two great movies he did early on as a drama actor. But then he went on to do some comedy aswell, like “Major League”, “Hot Shots!”, “Hot Shots Part Deux”, “Scary Movie 3” etc. Other great movies include: “Eight Men Out”, “The Three Musketeers”, and “The Arrival”. He was also in the underrated movies “Terminal Velocity”, “The Chase” and “Shadow Conspiracy”.
    Now he has a great career in the hit tv-series “Two and a Half Men”. A really funny show, and is currently the most watched comedy series on american television. Go Charlie!!!
  • I think Charlie Sheen as an actor is great. He is so funny in Two and a Half Men and the Hot Shots series. However, his recent comments on 9/11, why did he have to open his mouth?

    Charlie Sheen proved the nut doesn\'t fall far from the tree when he opened his mouth about the events of 9/11. Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer make the perfect couple on Two and a Half Men and I love the show. I have watched it since episode one and have told as many people as I could that they should watch it as well, until Charlie opened his mouth. Now I won\'t watch it anymore, sorry Jon Cryer and rest of the cast. I always figured, without hearing, that Charlie would hold some if not all of the same beliefs his kooky dad does but as long as I didn\'t ever hear the crackpot crap come out of his mouth I didn\'t mind what his \"views\" were. But like many other actors, Charlie just couldn\'t keep his uneducated mouth clamped shut. When are these actors ever going to learn that the majority of people in this country could care less if they like the current president, what their stand on abortion or the environment is, or any of the other current events are. Hell, I could care less whether Charlie prefers chunky or creamy peanut butter. His job is to entertain me, not try to \"educate me\" or \"endoctrinate me\" or try to prove how \"enlightened\" he is. But what is even worse is that he actually believes that there is a government conspiracy behind 9/11! I know the hollywood types have always been a little out there compared to most and most aren\'t very smart or have a real grip on reality but for crying out loud. Everytime I look at this bozo now all I see is Denise packing up the kid and walking out the front door while Charlie sits in a darkened living room with a tin foil hat on. I\'ll never again be able to picture Charlie Harper, or any of his other great charactors he has ever played, except maybe the kook he played in that \"aliens taking over the world\" movie. Why did you have to do it Charlie? Why did you have to go out and act like your idiot dad? Actors and actresses of Hollywood, hear me now! Shut the hell up about anything other than what t.v. shows or movies you\'re working on. All other topics should not be discussed in public because you will make an ass of yourself because you do not have a grip on what real life is like.
  • Played in Spin City and plays in Two in A Half Men

    Charlie Sheen is a great actor; he has played in a lot of movies, but is most noticed in two in a Half Men as Charlie Harper, a ladies man who in every episode sleeps with a different girl.

    He also took Michael J Fox's spot on Spin City and played another Charlie, Charlie Crawford. I liked Spin City but I like him better in Two in A Half Men.

    Charlie and Jon Cryer are the perfect onscreen brothers; there conflicting personalities are one thing that makes the show great.

    Charlie’s family is full of actors his dad Martin Sheen and brother Emilio Estevez, both are great actors.
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    I kind of like his style, but there are other times where he is put in very stupid roles. I like him in Two and a Half Men, and he is great in there. But there are other roles that I don't think that are made for him, like on Scary Movie he was awful in the role he was. I just hope that he makes better jobs in the future.
  • Sometimes we see the "character" & the "real" person as the same. Who would think Charlie Harper could ever hit a woman? But, Charlie Sheen could. I love the show I think Charlie Harper is a great actor I just hate that he so unhappy & any kind of addict.

    I love Two and a Half Men. I do not want to see it go off the air. I would love for it to be there always. I can't wait until Monday nights. I think Jon Cryer is soooooooooooooo funny, Berta is great. I love the scenes when the Harper family comes together and shows their love and support for each other. As fas as I am concerned the show could be more about those scenes than the womanizing.

    Evelyn is awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love it when supports her "ungreatful sons". Jake is funny, but Charlie & Allan make the show. I love it!!!!!!!!!!