Charlie Simpson

Charlie Simpson


6/7/1985, Woodbridge,Ipswich, UK

Birth Name

Charles Robert Simpson



Also Known As

Busted, Chazwick, Chaz, Fightstar, Farley
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Sexuality: Straight Born: 07.06.1985 StarSign: Gemini Height: 6'4" Place of birth: Woodbridge,Ipswich,UK Eye Colour: Hazel Hair Colour: Brown Favourite Food: Curry Favourite Pop Star: Britney Spears Favourite Actress: Britney Spears


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The main reason Charlie left Busted for Fightstar, was because he wanted a change. He no longer wanted to play in a pop-punk band, and wanted a whole new image and he knew the only way to do that was to leave Busted and go in a whole other direction with Fightstar.

    • He plays guitar, piano, drums and bass, and sings vocals.

    • Charlie attended Uppingham public school in Britain and received a drama scholorship.

    • Charlie has a very musical family dating back to Sir William Sterndale-Bennett (mother's maiden name) in 1826 who was a British pianist, conductor, and composer, a notable figure in the musical life of his time.

    • He has two brothers - Will and Edd - Will is the vocalist and guitarist in Brigade and Edd plays in a band called Prego.

    • Charlie was the youngest member of Busted, he was 2 years younger than Mattie and James

    • Charlie left Busted for his side-project Fightstar in January of 2005.

    • Has a rabbit named Biffy after the band Biffy Clyro.

  • Quotes

  • Charlie Simpson found a place in everybody's hearts in his Busted days. His raging good-looks and amazing talent, has got him to where he is today, happy with his new musical family, Fightstar.moreless

    When I first got into Busted, Charlie was the one who really stood out in all the pictures and videos. Not only because he was tall, and insanely gorgeous, but because he was different. After hearing of the Busted breakup and Charlie's reasons for leaving, I could see it in all the interviews. While Matt and James were having a blast, Charlie looked bored. He looked disappointed and definetly wasn't very happy with Busted. Now, I won't hold it against him, but he made a huge mistake leaving Busted. Although he's happier where he is now, am I the only one who was ready to slap him when he left Matt and James all alone? After a couple of months, I adjusted to the change. In all the Busted songs, not once did we hear Charlie screaming. (alternative-rock style) Hearing him do so for the first time, ever, was definetly a shock. Charlie still remains one of my all time favourite (yes, I am Canadian, thats how we spell 'favourite') artists out there, dispite him breaking my heart by causing my favourite band, to break up.moreless