Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron


8/7/1975, Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

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Charlize Theron


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Charlize grew up as the only child on her parents' farm near Johannesburg and was sent to a boarding school at the age of 13. At the age of 15, Charlize witnessed the death of her father, Charles Theron. He was an abusive alcoholic and her mother, Gerda…more


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    • Charlize: I'm sure there's a lot of aspects to my life that a lot of people wouldn't want.

    • Charlize: I am living my life in a way that if tomorrow it ended – and I hope not because I have a kid – but if it did, this was the life that I really wanted to live.

    • Charlize: (on the importance of self-worth) Being a young girl and not putting your worth into your beauty. That was not something that I was raised with. So when I left home and everybody was like, 'Oh, you're pretty,' I was like, I don't even know what that concept means.

    • Charlize: (on her growing up) I think I am who I am today because I was raised by parents who instilled certain fundamentals in me.

    • Charlize: (on her personality) I am presented as this dark person who comes from this dark past who is therefore obsessed with playing these dark people - and it couldn't be further from the truth.

    • Charlize: (on her relationship with Sean Penn) It was nice to be single and now it's nice not to be single.

    • Charlize: (on working on A Million Ways to Die in the West with Seth MacFarlane) 'd gone through like a two-year period where I wasn't really enjoying making movies anymore. And this movie really just shook me and made me realize how much I love it. I owe a lot of that to Seth.

    • Charlize: (on her co-star from A Million Ways to Die in the West, Seth MacFarlane) He's definitely the kind of person that from afar fascinates me. Then you have this opportunity to know someone, and when they don't let you down, that's such a gift. The thing you remember when you're 80 and lying on your deathbed is that. I'll remember the friendship and working with Seth on this movie.

    • Charlize: (on her co-star from A Million Ways to Die in the West, Seth MacFarlane) The most flattering thing you could say to me is that I could be a match to him. I am a huge fan and have been for many, many years.'

    • Charlize: (on her son Jackson) He likes big boys. He's super independent. His awareness just blows my mind. He picks up on things really quickly. Shy at first, and then you can't stop him. But it's the shyness that I love because it's kind of a pensive quality—he susses out the situation, and then he'll step in and join the group.

    • Charlize: (on her option to adopt) Maybe it was just an awareness of the fact that at that time, orphanages were everywhere in South Africa. But even in my relationship with Stuart, that was something I was very clear about. We had very different ideas of what a family looked like. There's no judgment; that was not the reason why we broke up, but when we did, adopting was not a last resort for me—it was almost like a first resort. And it's the only thing in my life that's surpassed how great I thought it would be.

    • Charlize: (on her relationship with her son) I was single for a really long time. I was enjoying mommyhood. You just naturally become kind of selfish about your time, and all of it is dedicated to this little thing, whether he needs it or not.

    • Charlize: (on the difficulties of dealing with the press regarding private life) I don't know how you have a healthy relationship with the whole world knowing about it. Look, we're dating, and I don't think we were trying to hide anything. We were photographed; the relationship was kind of written about. I recently did a daylong press junket, which I hadn't done in forever, and it's a harsh reminder that whatever people try to hide a press junket behind, it's really a roundabout way of getting at as much private s--t as they can. It was all about what I like to eat and avoiding questions about Sean or my son.

    • Charlize: (on her relationship with Sean Penn) Sean and I have known each other for eighteen years. We were just really good friends .And it's been slow going because you are aware that you could screw that up and lose it. We had to think about it. But at the end of the day, it was somewhat effortless. It just kind of naturally happened, and before I knew it, I was in something that was making my life better—the people who really love me can see the effect it has had on me.

    • Charlize: (on her being happy with her relationship with Sean Penn) I am very happy. I will say that. I'm very happy. I'm not very good at talking about my private life, but we are very happy, yes.

    • Charlize: (on her relationship with Sean Penn being effortless) It just kind of naturally happened. And before I knew it, I was in something that was making my life better - the people who really love me can see the effect it has had on me.

    • Charlize: (on feeling not sexy when she is too underweight) I played a woman with cancer in Sweet November. I went down to a size 6 and I felt completely uncomfortable. I remember being cold and wrapping my arms around my body and feeling ribs and bone. I felt totally unsexy.

    • Charlize Theron: I have always known [that marriage is] not something for me. Even when I was a little girl, I never dreamed of the white dress and all of that.

    • Charlize: (on not attending the 2008 Acadamy Awards) We are not going to the Oscars this year. I don't think you go to those kind of awards unless you are nominated. I think it's special if you get a nomination, or your film does. Then you go. But we don't have any nominations or anything like that in the house so we sit in our jammies and watch it on the couch.

    • Charlize: (on the movie "Reindeer Games") That was a bad, bad, bad movie. But even though the movie might suck, I got to work with John Frankenheimer. I wasn't lying to myself - that's why I did it. I mean, he directed The Manchurian Candidate, which is like the movie of all movies.

    • Charlize: (on obtaining her US citizenship) I know what I am now, too. I'm American. I grew up in a country that learned the lesson that you can't impose your way of life on 26 different kinds of people just because you call yourself righteous. I think there are lessons this country still has to learn.

    • Charlize: (on motherhood) Getting pregnant doesn't excite me, but having kids does. I know I'll be a mother one day. It's just that I don't really want to look like a whale! But I'm sure the idea of something growing inside you is pretty powerful.

    • Charlize: I'm 32 and as you get older you get wrinkles and your boobs sag. You get wisdom too, so it's not all bad. But you can't really do anything about ageing.

    • Charlize Theron: My mother's philosophy was "If you get yourself in trouble, you've got to get yourself out of trouble." There was always this awareness that you have to be responsible for yourself in order to have what you want.

    • Charlize: (on her potential wedding) I don't need to wear a white dress and throw a big party. To me that is like a premiere.

    • Charlize: I've been freezing, and all these other girls are so graceful. No goosebumps. And I'm like shivering.

    • Charlize: (on the paparazzi) They try to beat you down so you give in but I'll never do that. If I have to call as many restraining orders or dump as many water bottles on cameras, that's what I'll do.

    • Charlize: Even the morning after the Oscars, I was like, 'breakfast!' and he's (Stuart Townsend) like, 'get up! I'm not making you breakfast now because you've won an Oscar!' I'm so blessed to be around somebody like that.

    • Charlize: (on her dogs) Delilah sits as if she were Elizabeth Taylor in cleopatra mode. And Denver suggles better than any man I've ever been with.

    • Charlize: I played a joke on an ex. I called him up and told him I thought I was pregnant. He was freaking out. So now I don't do anything on april fools.

    • Charlize: (on the paparrazzi) We're never, ever getting married. Not ever. Just to annoy them!

    • Charlize: (on Stuart Townsend's cameo in Aeon Flux) I don't know what you are talking about. No, it was some cute German boy that I got to make out with.

    • Charlize: (on the possibility of being nominated for another Oscar for North Country) I just went through that, so for me to be thinking about it again would just seem very selfish.

    • Charlize: (on the time while filming Monster) Practically our only form of entertainment was winning teddy bears at Lee and Rick's oyster bar in Orlando. We robbed them clean of bears. We spent half the budget of the film, but we did it.

    • Charlize: (on Aeon Flux) I guess that means I can really play myself! I'm really excited. In the comic book, she wears a tiny piece of fabric covering her crotch but I'm not sure I will go that far.

    • Charlize: (on filming the sex scene in Reindeer Games with Ben Affleck) It looked like real sex. It wasn't pretty. We're falling all over the place. A lot of times we had no idea if the cameras were even rolling because the crew was laughing so hard.

    • Charlize: (on doing Head In The Clouds with boyfriend Stuart Townsend) In simple terms, I could rip his heart out pretty easily, which is what the movie asked for.

    • Charlize: (on the script of Reindeer Games) I had heard about the script and I backed away from it. I Didn't want to go back and do 2 days in the valley again.

    • Charlize: (on Tom Hanks hiring her for That Thing You Do!) If he thinks I'm worth hiring, then maybe I'm going to be ok.

    • Charlize: (on missing the lead role in Showgirls) It was like I had some guardian angel.

    • Charlize: (on her first manager John Crosby's termination) I didn't want to keep on doing the same blonde bitch roles.

    • Charlize: (on her movie set trailers) As long as my dogs are there, I'm happy.

    • Charlize: (on the set of Monster) There was crap on one bedspread. And a bright light coming through the windows and no curtains. We were so freaked out. I took an ambien and we all slept in one room because we were too scared!

    • Charlize: (on being cast in The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion) The first time I talked to him about doing the part, he said, 'if I were making this film in the 40's, I'd cast Lauren Bacall. Would you be interested?' ok, so Woody Allen and Lauren Bacall. How difficult a decision is that? Who wouldn't jump at the chance to be Lauren Bacall?

    • Charlize: (on the break after filming Trapped) I didn't exactly make a decision that I wasn't going to work for a year. I didn't feel like going to work. I felt like sleeping in and being in love.

    • Charlize: When I met Keanu Reeves he'd had a really bad motorcycle accident, and his leg was still in a cast. I loved how even after the accident, he wasn't fazed by it. He was waiting for the cast to come off so he could get back on his bike. I said, jokingly, 'God, I've always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle.' And he said, 'well, I'll teach you.' A year passed, the filming was finished, but he never forgot that. He taught me how to ride a Harley.

    • Charlize: I'm 50-50 on glamour stuff. I'd rather put on a pair of jeans and get on my Harley and act like a guy.

    • Charlize: I was always Mama's girl, and I always felt like her protector.

    • Charlize: I don't think my mom ever said, 'isn't she a pretty girl?' she'd say, 'you should hear her sing'. Praise was about what I'd done, not how I'd looked.

    • Charlize: I'm a bit of a cow. Keep milking me and I'll eventually go dry.

    • Charlize: I'm not a crazy dog lady. I don't dress up my dogs. A scarf is as far as I'll go.

    • Charlize: I don't think I could be friends, or even acquaintances, with somebody who admitted, 'I hate animals'. I can't relate to that feeling at all.

    • Charlize: I had no hair until I was four. I was this big, bald baby with a giant head. I was not an adorable little girl.

    • Charlize: Some days I look in the mirror and feel hot. others, I say, 'I've got back fat and need bigger jeans'.

    • Charlize: I've always been extremely honest about the fact that I was born and raised in South Africa. I sound like an American and I can surely act like an American, but I'm a South African.

    • Charlize: I haven't been with any Peter Sellers types or trashed any hotel rooms. It would be a mixture of Martha Stewart gardening and making jam, then every once in a while going to a film festival.

    • Charlize: Anything naked with Keanu Reeves is a good thing.

    • Charlize: I do want a family. And when I do, I want it to be with Stuart.

    • Charlize: The video store called my mom and said, 'your daughter has had dirty dancing for 9 months. Please return the tape'.

    • Charlize: I just love Anthony Hopkins. But to be honest, I've never placed that much importance on age and its never been an issue for me in a relationship, although I do draw the line at 17-year-old boys!

    • Charlize: You can never get to a place of comfort in this business. As soon as you hit that little cushy spot, somebody's gonna kick you out.

    • Charlize: Everyone says, 'oh, she has such perfect skin and her hands are so beautiful', as if I'm this kind of untouchable creature. But I have never thought of myself as this exquisite thing. I think of myself as a very approachable woman. But people used to think that when I said that I grew up on a farm it was this schtick, just me trying to say, 'look, I'm really a normal girl'.

    • Charlize: South Africa is my home and will always be in my roots.

    • Charlize: I've always been very proud to be a South African and I've always been very honest to people about that. And whatever I can do in my power I promise you I will do.

    • Charlize: (on her interest in directing) Look, if somebody had said to me ten years ago 'would you produce?' I would have said 'no way!' and I think that is the nice thing about this industry, is that there are all these options and you don't know what is going to blow your whistle. I'm not going to say 'no, never..' but it's not something I want to do right now. It's not something that I feel I'm ready for. I like the production aspect of it, I like learning and I feel if I'm ever going to do that I need to learn a lot more. So it's not something that I'm thinking about right now, but it's been a great ride so who knows?

    • Charlize: (on being the next action heroine) That's going to be me! Watch out, Arnie!

    • Charlize: (on driving the Mini Cooper in The Italian Job) It was insane but it was so much fun, especially the fact that I was the only girl with all these boys. They said: 'We should give her some extra weeks because she's a girl', and as soon as I heard that, I said: 'Let's take a week off!'

    • Charlize: (on The Italian Job and her co-star Mark Wahlberg) When this script came along, it was sent to me and I knew he was already cast. Then he called me and said: 'You have to come and do this. It's not a serious movie. We can have some laughs, have a good time.' And I just like being around him, plus he's a phenomenal actor.

    • Charlize: (on working on North Country and the research for that movie) This was happening all over the world and still happens all over the world. And the thing to be proud of is that they were the ones who changed that. After that, we had a great time with them. They were phenomenal. They were so open. They were willing to give us any information and they just kept saying, 'Please, tell the truth'. And it was our responsibility to do that.

    • Charlize: During my 20s at auditions, I felt I had to prove that I wasn't just pretty, that I had acting chops. Now I don't do that anymore. I know who I am.

    • Charlize: (on learning how to become a 'monster') It became evident to me that everything about her physically was a mirror or a map to what she had gone through emotionally. It became clear to me if I understood her emotionally and I got to a place where I could build the foundation of that world, then the physical stuff would come to me.

    • Charlize: (on the work with Patty Jenkins in "Monster") It was not like we sat down at the first meeting and Patty said, 'Look you are going to have to gain 30lbs. Let's make some teeth.'

    • Charlize: I had a sex scene with Keanu Reeves in Devil's Advocate, but I turned into a different girl in the middle of it. The other had better breasts than I did. I was very upset about that.

    • Charlize: We are not planning a wedding. Still, everytime we get the Irish papers there is something in them about the wedding Stuart and I are supposedly having. It's like the perfect wedding with the flowers and music and Keanu Reeves walking me down the aisle. I read about it and think 'wow, these Irish sure know how to do it - even when they're making it up.

    • Charlize: I don't feel it's my job anymore to be nice. In the beginning, if a stranger said, 'your movie was great', I thought we had to be friends.

    • Charlize: I really don't understand why anyone would think that you have to be physically perfect to be in movies, because it's so not true. When you look at the amount of MTAs [model-turned-actresses] that are successful, it's a minute proportion. You might get in the door for a couple of years playing the beautiful girl, but then Hollywood is going to be done with you.

    • Charlize: I don't really like wearing bras. There's not a lot to put in them.

    • Charlize: I can't see myself with anybody who takes things too seriously or can't have a decent laugh about himself.

    • Charlize: I love cutting flowers and working in the garden. I like doing dishes. I can become obsessive about mundane things like cleaning out my closet, which is so lame.

    • Charlize: It is in a box. I am redoing my floors at the moment, so I had to put it somewhere safe. That is what an Oscar brings. I am able to re-do my floors.

    • Charlize: There are so many unwanted children on this earth and its our job to take care of them. And if we don't, we're doing the world a disservice.

    • Charlize: Nelson (Mandela) said to me that he thinks he's not getting into Heaven, I said, if you don't get in, I am screwed.

    • Charlize: You need to surround yourself with people you really do trust and people who really love you who are willing to show you your flaws.

    • Charlize: At first I found it really hard using three different English accents: South African, faking the American, faking the accent required by the job. I decided to make it easier for myself and just do one .. I haven't lost my culture, just my accent.

    • Charlize: I suppose there is this little bit of a wild child in me just from growing up on a farm and having parents who were mechanics .. I do like to think I've evolved since then.

    • Charlize: (on her ex-fiancé, Stuart) Well, I am like this far away from jumping on the couch like Tom Cruise, but I am not gonna do that!

    • Charlize: There's only so much you can do, but if somebody doesn't give you a chance there is nothing you can do.

    • Charlize: I think of myself as a highly sexual creature, I have to use that, I like it.. I didn't grow up with a mother telling me what I had under my clothes was bad or evil.

    • Charlize: I feel really lucky to have the body I have; I love it!

    • Charlize: If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels.

    • Charlize: You can live vicariously through the characters you play.

    • Charlize: I've never wanted to be a celebrity. I didn't know what a celebrity was until I came to America.

    • Charlize: Women have conquered the world. And with everything we go through, it's about time we had a female president. I don't think we're that far away, but it should have happened already. I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary Rodham Clinton runs - I really admire her.

    • Charlize: (on marriage) I'm happy for people who want to get married but it's not my thing. I'm extremely happy in my relationship and I would love to have kids.

    • Charlize: (on why she loves her upcoming movie Aeon Flux) It really deals with the big human questions like 'Why are we here?' 'Why do we exist?'

  • Oscar well deserved.

    Great actress. Beautiful and smart.
  • Got the talent and the looks.

    I have to say that Charlize Theron is one of the most elegant women alive.

    Her beauty is beyond comparison and she is known for her poise and grace.

    Her movies are more than exciting and her body is more than sexy.

    Charlize Theron is a very good actress.

    She knows how to grasp a part and turn it into something beautiful.

    She creates bonds between beauty and talent that no other actress in the history of actresses have done.

    She is something special.

    Her very important movie roles include Big Joe and Aeon Flux which is a personal favourite.

    She had captured the word sexy and did not just represent the word but made into her own scent because Charlize Theron is the new face of Dior.

    9 of of 10 for this great and outstanding dream of beauty.


    Bravo indeed.moreless