Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë


4/21/1816, Thornton, Yorkshire, England



Birth Name

Charlotte Brontë



Also Known As

Currer Bell, Charlotte Bronte
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Charlotte Bront was the daughter of the Reverend Patrick Bront, an Irish clergyman, curate of Haworth in Yorkshire. Charlotte's mother, Maria Branwell Bront, died in 1821, leaving five daughters and a son. In 1824, Charlotte went with three sisters to the Clergy Daughters' School at Cowan Bridge in…more


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    • Her most successful novel Jane Eyre has been picked up by the BBC in 2006 and turned into a mini-series, which was so successful on TV that it was then turned into a DVD film. The mini-series starred Toby Stephens as 'Mr. Rochester' and Ruth Wilson as 'Jane Eyre'.

    • After her death, Charlotte's friend Elizabeth Gaskell wrote a biography of her. However, this is now seen as suppressing many details of Charlotte's life, in particular her passionate nature.

    • In 1854, Charlotte married her father's curate, the Reverend Arthur Bell Nicholls. She died just nine months later while expecting her first child. Her death certificate says the cause of her death was 'Phthisis', or tuberculosis.

    • After the death of her sisters, Charlotte's publisher persuaded her to visit London from time to time and to reveal herself as the real 'Currer Bell'. She became a friend of other writers, including Elizabeth Gaskell, William Makepeace Thackeray and Harriet Martineau.

    • Apart from her poetry, her novels are Jane Eyre, published 1847, Shirley, published 1849, Villette, published 1853, and The Professor - written first, it had been rejected by several publishers, but finally appeared in 1857, after Charlotte's death.

    • For several months of 1842, Charlotte and Emily lived in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where Charlotte taught English and Emily taught music.

    • As children, Charlotte and her brother Branwell wrote elaborate sagas and poems about an imaginary country called Angria. They still exist in manuscript form.

    • Charlotte's brother Branwell Brontë hoped to be a portrait painter, but he later became a tutor. He died in September 1848 at the age of thirty-one, of chronic bronchitis made worse by heavy drinking.

    • Apart ftom her two younger sisters, the writers Emily and Anne Brontë, Charlotte also had two older sisters, Maria (born 1814) and Elizabeth (born 1815), who both died of tuberculosis in 1825, and a brother, Branwell. Charlotte outlived them all.

    • During her lifetime, all of Charlotte's published work appeared under the pen-name of Currer Bell.

    • Charlotte was educated at the Clergy Daughters' School at Cowan Bridge in Lancashire, a poor place which was later believed to have caused the death of two of her sisters. After that, she went on to Roe Head School, Mirfield, where she later returned as a teacher for four years.

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