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  • Charlotte, while highly criticized by the media, remains and will always remain on my Favorite Persons list.

    Anyone who is bothering to read this knows who Charlotte is. She got her big break when she was only a kid; the little lady with the big voice and charming personality. As she grew older her success soared to the highest possible mark for a teenage classical singer, and her record sales proved it. As she reached her twenties, however, people began seeing a new light to Charlotte that didn't exactly please people. She decided to cross over into new musical waters; into a more generic pop sound very unlike the heavenly tunes that wafted from her once-adorable eleven year old mouth. Some took it well. Others, needless to say, didn't. The media was worked into a frenzy, feeding off the flame provided by this young starlet who had already sparked their attention numerous times with her less than angelic comments in the years before. I've always been an avid fan of Charlotte's, even over here in the States. Her voice in the old days, though criticized for its overuse and the age of its owner, could silence a crowd and make people imagine sanctuaries and cathedrals, of angels and light. Even now, while being brutally honest and with her old voice losing its charm, she's more down to earth than many celebrities. Weight isn't an issue with her, because she knows that the world is unrealistic in their views of how women should look. She says things others dare not, and while horrifying the purists, she makes me feel that there actually ARE truthful people in this world where everything must be neat and tidy and good. So what if she's into pop now? She's one of the most successful young artists of her time, has crossed over into a new genre successfully, and has gained the attention of nearly everyone who has heard of her. Let her enjoy it. -Tammy
  • Voice of an Angel.

    Charlotte Church – She really is my Angel.

    I first saw Charlotte Church live at ‘Power in the Park’ for a friends birthday and from that point on – I have fell madly in love with her.

    I had to know more about her – and in doing so realized what an amazing person she really is. Having kick-started her career at the age of 13 with classical music, Charlotte was certainly not going anywhere for a long time.

    I have to say, I am a bigger fan of her pop-music rather than her classic, as are most people I believe. In 2005, Charlotte released her debut pop Album ‘Tissues and Issues’ reflecting over the toughness of teenage life – having experienced a much tougher one than she should have done.

    I get very cross when the paparazzi pinpoint Charlotte for being an alcoholic. Obviously, this is not true – Charlotte is a very open and honest girl and if this was the case she would happily admit it.

    Going on a binge-drink is very common for people her age – people only fixate on her because it’s a good story and a read – it is exactly the same with this scandal about Kate Moss on Cocaine.

    She has a stunning voice, outstanding many potential rivals such as Kelly Clarkson and Corrine Bailey Rae, I really hope that one day I can meet her.

    She seems like the most down-to-earth pop-star I have ever seen.

  • A talentless celebrity in a talented celebrity\'s body

    When Charlotte first burst into the media, everyone loved her. She had a great voice and could have been a great opera career. What a shame that she didn\'t deserve it. She became fame hungry and appeared in a million talk shows and went to parties and made it seem like she isn\'t proud of being an opera singer, just a celebrity. Then there was the constant drunkeness, yadda yadda yadda. Made a film, no one saw it, it flopped. Then came an all time low. Saying goodbye to being an opera singer and hello to being a pop star!!!!!! She had a rubbish voice and dressed a lot less for the videos. Now she spends the rest of her life being a talentless pop star rather than being a talented opera singer. Such a shame for the voice of an angel.....
  • Charlotte Church was a huge favorite of mine a while back, and I still insist she is very talented!

    At 12 years old, Charlotte Church's first album, "Voice of an Angel," came out. It was 1998 and most everyone was amazed by the surprisingly adult soprano voice that came out of this little girl's mouth when she opened it. Her voice sounded mature by the time she was fourteen or fifteen years old, and at fifteen she already had four classical/opera albums out.

    At sixteen, she had a greatest hits album full of her classical hits and a few unreleased songs.

    She took a break for a while, declaring that she would not be doing "arias" and such anymore, then in July of 2005, Charlotte's pop crossover album, "Tissues and Issues" was released. It's full of far different music, but it's still clear that she's very talented.

    Every one of Charlotte's albums is worth listening to; some of it borders on pop anyway, but it's all amazing. Her voice sends chills down my spine, literally. It doesnt' hurt that she has a beautiful Welsh accent, either.

    Even since she's grown up and even started smoking, her voice has remained quite pretty. "Crazy Chick" (the first single from "Tissues and Issues") is not one of the best songs on her newest album, however it is definitely an example of how her voice hasn't gone away.