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    • Charlotte and boyfriend Gavin Henson welcomed a baby boy, Dexter Lloyd Henson on January 11th 2009. He is their second child together and joins big sister Ruby.

    • Charlotte and boyfriend Gavin Henson welcomed their first child, a baby girl, Ruby Megan Henson on September 21, 2007. Their second child, a boy named Dexter Lloyd, was born January 12, 2009.

    • Her name was actually Charlotte Reed when signed onto Sony Records at the age of eleven, but Sony decided that Charlotte Church would sell better. She had not yet been legally adopted by James Church.

    • In March 2007, it was revealed that Charlotte was pregnant to partner, Gavin Henson. Charlotte had banned Gavin from finding out the baby's sex, preferring it to be a surprise. In August 2007 Charlotte purchased a birthing pool to give birth to her first child in the water.

    • In February 2007, it was revealed Channel 4 had commissioned two more runs of The Charlotte Church Show.

    • Charlotte is a fan of many genres of music, including Gospel, Motown, R&B and Hip Hop.

    • In 2005 she and boyfriend, Welsh international rugby player, Gavin Henson bought a house in Llandaff, Cardiff.

    • Charlotte's big break came on the show Talking Telephone Numbers in 1997, when she sang Pie Jesu.

    • Charlotte Church's new Channel 4 show, "The Charlotte Church Show", premieres Friday September 1st at 10pm.

    • Charlotte Church has an official website and calendar.

    • Charlotte recently appeared as a guest star on U.K's hit comedy show 'The Catherine Tate Show' where she played herself.

    • Charlotte made her acting debut in 1999 on an episode of Touched by an Angel.

    • Her stepfather, her mother's second husband, James Church, adopted her as his daughter in October 1999.

    • Charlotte has hold over ten million albums worldwide.

    • When her album Enchanmentwas released in the autumn of 2001in the United States, it debuted at #15 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.

    • In 2001, Charlotte celebrated her 15th birthday during the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards and the audience sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

    • Charlotte and artist Amanda Dunbar became friends when they both appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show for a show about talented young people.

    • In 2001, she was nominated for an Outstanding Classical Music-Dance Program Emmy for her PBS program Charlotte Church: Live from Jerusalem.

    • In 2002, she was the winner of the title "Rear of the Year" which is given by the British press to the person with the best posterior.

    • Before she was 18, even though she had accumulated a personal worth of over 10,000,000 GBP, she only got 50 GBP a week from her mother as an allowance.

    • Charlotte's greatest ambition is to sing the lead part in Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini at La Scala in Milan and get a standing ovation.

    • Charlotte was reportedly paid 800,000 GBP for writing her autobiography in 2000.

    • Charlotte sang all the soaring soprano vocals on the soundtrack of the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind which was the Oscar-winning drama about schizophrenia that starred Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.

    • Her favorite pop stars include Natalie Imbruglia, the Corrs, and Gloria Estefan.

    • Her first album ,Voice of an Angel, went double platinum in the UK and gold in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

    • When she first got her money, Charlotte admits to buying a dress for $7,000.

    • On July 11, 2005, Charlotte released her first pop album in the UK, entitled Tissues and Issues.

    • Charlotte said that when she met President George W. Bush and told him she was from Wales, he proceeded to ask her in which state Wales lies.

    • She attended high school at Howell's which is an exclusive girl's school in Wales.

    • In the press, Charlotte is ofen referred to as an "opera star", yet she has never sung in any opera performances.

    • Charlotte has an autobiography called "Voice of an Angel: My Life So Far."

    • On September 26, 2005, Charlotte's second pop single, "Call My Name," will be released in the UK.

    • Discography:
      Voice of an Angel (1998)
      Charlotte Church (1999)
      Dream a Dream - Christmas album (2000)
      Enchantment (2001)
      Prelude: The Best of Charlotte Church (2002)
      Tissues and Issues (2005)

    • The first single of Charlotte's pop crossover album, "Tissues and Issues", was called "Crazy Chick."

    • Charlotte sings soprano.

  • Quotes

    • Charlotte: (after appearing on Michael Parkinson's chat show) I know how uncomfortable it can be. The producers suggest questions - 'Ask Ashlee Simpson about the plastic surgery rumours' I go, 'No, she's 22. If she's had plastic surgery (a rumoured nose job), it would have been because she's so insecure. I'm not going to bring that up.' Michael Parkinson asked me, 'How's your sex life?' I said, 'Mr Parkinson, are you serious?' He went, 'Oh, sorry, I shouldn't have asked that.' Damn right he shouldn't, he's old enough to be my grandad.

    • Charlotte: I'm a curvy girl. I'm not one of those skinny models with a tent on, which is how most of them seem to look these days.

    • Charlotte (addressing false claims that she's expecting a child with rugby player Gavin Henson): I'm definitely not pregnant. My nan phoned up when she reas about it, asking me if it was true. I just ignore it and let it slide. I love babies. Gavin loves kids too. He wants loads, but I'm not fussed. Maybe in about four years I'd like to have my first.

    • Charlotte (on Celine Dion not speaking at all for an entire day before she performs a concert): I admire that, ... but I can't see myself doing it because I'm a loudmouthed cow.

    • Charlotte (whilst performing in Canada) : I love America.

    • Charlotte: I love my voice and if I lost it I would be devastated, but I just don't want to live my life like that. I am thinking of giving up smoking for general health reasons, and it was really embarrassing last weekend when I had overdone it and couldn't sing at all, which meant that I had to mime at a big outdoor festival. I felt really bad about that.

    • Charlotte: When I try to get work in the US all they say is that I need to lose weight - but I bet they never said that to Mae West.

    • Charlotte: Everyone in my family sings and it's just a natural thing that I haven't thought about too much. There was never a time when I wasn't singing. From the ages of three to five I loved Gloria Estefan and could sing Anything for You pitch-perfect. Mum and dad loved classical music and my grampy used to sing show tunes. Now I like everything from the Manic Street Preachers to Alicia Keys, some classical music if I'm feeling melancholy, and I'm not too fussed on rap although I can deal with 50 Cent. Mainly, my musical tastes seem to change with each new boyfriend. I'm so fickle at this age.

    • Charlotte: Being a teenager is confusing enough without having to read all these conflicting opinions about you in the press.

    • Charlotte: I'm curvy and wholesome. I'm a natural fat girl but my only exercise hitting the dance floor.