Charlotte Hudson

Charlotte Hudson


1/1/1972, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, UK

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Charlotte Hudson


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Charlotte works for all Brainiac Science And History Abuse. She is a Young Nice Woman. Has 2 Kids.


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  • A question who bother me from many years:what is happening when(teoretical speaking of course)a solid object(size of a snooker ball pool)who travel with the speed of LIGHT hit a very VERY big and solid wall? Can you propose that question in the shomoreless

    We all know what is happening when a big comet hit the Earth...Is pretty clear...The numbers dont lie...But we tok hier about speeds between 20.000-40.000 km/h.

    BUT,what is happening when a solid object(size of a snooker pool ball,for ex.) hit a solid wall with the speed of LIGHT????

    I mean what"s happening if a snooker ball traveling with 300.000 km/s hit a wall of steal??Or any other object?

    And what if this object is the size of a football ball??

    Size matter at this speed??

    The quantum mechanical say that the only particle who travel with the speed of light is the foton.But the foton have no mass(at zero velocity...because the foton doesnt exist in zero velocity...he exist only in motion as an energy transition between 2 electronical orbitals in the atom...).

    So,can we say that the condition for an object to fly with the speed of light is to have no mass?Or we can conclude that a solid object(who have mass of course)canot fly with the speed of light?

    Suppose we have a gun who fire with projectiles at the speed of light...what happen when the projectiles hit the target?Atomic explosion? (because the rapid stop of the object...i mean the transformation of mass in energy...?)

    As we know,an solid object at the speed of light have infinite mass(Einstein say that ,not me,but because he was a genium i have to believe him),a bullet at the speed of light have infinite mass when hit the target?And whats happen at the impact between an object with infinite mass and a solid wall,for example???.......

    This are some question witch i want to get an answer....Can you propose this subject in one of your next show?Because i think this is really science abuse...and a little science-fiction...but ,you know,100 years ago traveling with a train at 40 km/h looks like a suicide conforming to the scientists calculation...

    SO,please,can i get an answer to my question ?...And excuse my english,is not perfect,i know...moreless