Charlotte Jorgensen

Charlotte Jorgensen


1/1/1972, Denmark

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Charlotte Jorgensen


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Charlotte grew up in Denmark, and as was customary she started dance classes at the age of 2 (most Danish children attend dance classes to help them achieve poise and manners). Both her mother and sister were keen dancers.


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    • Charlotte Jorgensen: You have to come in, going into something like this, thinking you want to win. But it's not for winning; it's for the dancing. And it was always what we made it about, John and I, every day, in the studio. It was about the dancing, putting good dancing out there. And then it's people's opinion of whether you're worthy of winning or not.

    • Charlotte Jorgensen: I have lived in London for 12 years. I've lived in the U.S. now for four years. And I auditioned for the show(Dancing With The Stars.) And we're all just, you know -- you get to do it and promote ballroom dancing.

    • Charlotte Jorgensen: (Talking about how she got on Dancing With The Stars) I was doing what I was always doing, teaching. And I got a call from the producers from London already that they had my name from people in London where they were doing the show.

    • Charlotte Jorgensen: My biggest achievements were never the results; it was always about being true to the dancing.

    • Charlotte Jorgensen: It takes an athlete to dance but an artist to be a dancer.