Charlotte Sullivan

Charlotte Sullivan


10/21/1983, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Charlotte Nichola Jade Sullivan



Also Known As

Charlotte Nichola Ruberry Sullivan, Charlotte Nichola Jade Sullivan, Charlotte Nichola Rubery Sullivan
  • The cast of Rookie Blue Season 3.
  • Charlotte Sullivan on Rookie Blue Season 3.
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Charlotte Sullivan was born in 1983 in Toronto Canada. Starting at a young age, Sullivan showed her interest in the arts through her love of photography and the violin. She landed her first big role at age 12 in Harriet the Spy.

After this, she had small…more


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    • Charlotte: My screensaver is this girl with her head chopped off and she's holding it up with blood gushing and I look like her.

    • Charlotte: The truth is I have moments of great worry. On the other hand, I'm learning to stop focusing on what I don't have, and shifting my consciousness to a greater level of appreciation for all that I am and all that I do have.

    • Charlotte: Women can do anything. We can wear heels and run. I'm not going to let a purse get into my way. If carrying a big purse is my biggest problem of the night – then I'd say I'm having it pretty good!

    • Charlotte: The character I play on M.V.P. is so different from anything else I've done. I had all of these ideas brewing inside my mind about how I wanted Mandy to look and act. From a creative standpoint it was really beautiful to be able to bounce ideas off the producers, and have them go with it.

    • Charlotte: Dior rouge lipstick makes me happy, even when I had the flu I still wore it to bed. The perfume Stella by Stella McCartney is so rosy and elegant, it makes me feel like a lady. I'm also in love with Aveda's Madagascar candle. It's incredibly intoxicating.

    • Charlotte: (on working with her "Across the River to Motor City" director) I loved working with director Michael DeCarlo. He's got such a cryptic imagination. He has the ability to take something ugly and transform it into something beautiful. His shots are dark, twisted and stunning. Michael is intuitive and brilliant - his talents are magnificent. As far as I'm concerned he is light years ahead of the rest of us.

    • Charlotte: I wouldn't be caught dead in Crocs unless they were by Vivienne Westwood. I'm not earthy or crunchy granola. I want eccentric glamour.

    • Charlotte: (on her porcelain skin) I don't go to the tanning salon even though I've been asked to go every time I do a show – except for period pieces – because it's so hard to light me.

    • Charlotte: (on her character on "M.V.P.") Mandy tries to fit in with the hockey wives but doesn't. She's a dominatrix Bettie Paige freak, wears red wigs and is a lot of fun to play. All the hockey wives reject her. She's so in love with Damon (Peter Miller) but it's never going to happen. Mandy comes from a dark place and wants to be sophisticated but she is not. She's probably the most fun character on the show.

    • Charlotte: (on her style) I like Vivienne Westwood – her stuff is so disgustingly different. I love things that make you different. I'm addicted to (Gwen Stefani's line) L.A.M.B. I can vomit how much I like it. I met Gwen Stefani at the Key Club in L.A. and lost my mind. She is so unbelievably kind. I like eccentric pieces; I don't want to look like anyone else. Galliano is the most delicious.