Chauncey Billups





9/25/1976 , Denver, CO

Birth Name

Chauncey Ray Billups




People who follow Colorado high school sports will tell you how special a player Chauncey Billups is. In Colorado he took prep school-boy game to perhaps its highest level ever. At the high school ranks to see Chauncey Billups was to see something special on the basketball court. Perhaps no other prep player in Colorado history was more recognizable than Chauncey Billups. When Billups would walk into a gym just to watch a game, he would immediately attract attention. Grade schoolers would clamor to sit as close to him as they can. No other high school player has become a house hold name like "Chauncey".

During basketball season you couldn't look through the sports page with reading about or seeing a picture of Chauncy. As a freshman he lead his team to the state semifinals, and averaged 16.2 points per game. During his sophomore year he was regarded as the player to watch for 1993. Chauncey didn't disappoint, he went on to lead his team to win the state championship, averaging 26.3 points per game. Chauncey was the player to watch throught his high school career. His junior year he lead his team to a repeat championship and averaged an astounding 32.5 points per game. Chauncey was elected First Team All-State, in all of his four years in high school. He was also player of the year his sophomore and junior year in the state of Colorado.

He was drafted 3rd overall in the NBA draft Boston, and he has bounced around the league before finding a home with the Detroit Pistons. He was the 2004 NBA Finals MVP, and finished 5th in the 2006 MVP voting.