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  • My Hollywood Crush

    I personally have a crush on this actor and wished that I could see him in more movie and television roles. It\'s something about him that draws me. Come on, hollywood, give this man a job! I would like to see him have his own television show or have a meaty role in a quality film.
  • He is soooo Talented, and a difficult friend, but need to come on out with his own show, or album. He need not be scared just be forcedful like he was in highschool and middle school at Evelyn Graves.

    Its a shame they only give me 100 words to say something about my old friend. We went through school together and he truly is fun, delightful, attentive and a pleasure to know. He have issues, but lets say they are what makes him special. His best friend Rapheal lest just say that they both have some explaining to do to me. Although, I might not have kept up with them since graduation, and the \"funeral\", I have watched Chaz on television and prayed for them everyday. I am waiting for the world to hear him sing. Besides those few shots on tv. The brother can sing! I missed him dearly and wish him luck in all he do. Call me if you read this yourself. Tamika