Cheeky Girls

Cheeky Girls


10/31/1982, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Birth Name

Monica and Gabriella



Also Known As

The Cheeky Girls
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Gabriela is older by 10 minutes. Her father, Doru Irimia, is a medical doctor, while her mother, Margit Irimia, is a nurse and midwife. Their mum wrote their song "We're The Cheeky Girls"


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • When they appeared on the CITV magic show Tricky TV, they took part in an illusion called the Double Sawing. In this illusion, both girls wore a differently-colored costume, and were locked inside boxes colored to match their costumes. Magician Stephen Mulhern then sawed both girls in half and, having separated the box halves, switched the lower halves around before reassembling them. When the girls were released from the boxes, each was apparently wearing the lower half of the others costume.

    • They appeared together on a special of "The Weakest Link."

    • They have toured with the Hungarian National Opera.

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