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    • Chelan: (What she prefers, TV or film) I don't know, it all depends on the role. If I have a really fun, fun, character and it's on television I am going to obviously pick that over a movie. But, I don't know, it's really cool to see your face on a theater screen. There's nothing cooler than that. It's definitely something that you strive for: you go and get your ticket and watch yourself in the theater and watch everyone's reactions. It's the most rewarding thing in the world.

    • Chelan: My other passion besides acting is cooking! My two favorite things to make are the two that I love to eat the most. I make a yummy Cesar Salad, and a hearty dish of Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes. Both family recipes that are our family secrets.

    • Chelan: (Her most challenging role so far) My most challenging role was probably FD3 [Final Destination 3], I worked really hard trying to make my death scene a scene to remember. I had a lot of bruises the week that we filmed that. I also got over my fear of heights when I had to do a 30FT drop from the roof of our studio, For the scene where we fall out of the roller coaster…which by the way was edited out of the movie….but what a challenging and fantastic opportunity that was. I wonder if I can say on my resume now that I can do stunts.

    • Chelan: (The development of her Kyle XY character, Hilliary) The character Hillary that I play on Kyle XY in the first season was very head strong, outspoken, a little mean, and always wanting the center of attention. However, in season 2, I have found that she's matured and grown into herself so much, I think she really knows who she is now. I've found some scenes this year…where I think Hillary is so sweet, and mature, and she just wants the best for others, and for herself. In the second season, she finds a career that she's very passionate about… her and Lori are even better friends… and so far there's been no more boy drama. She's really figured out who she is and what she wants out of life… don't get me wrong, she does have her diva moments in some scenes… but give her a break…she can't be perfect!

    • Chelan: (Her first impression of the series Kyle XY) When I first read the script for a pilot called Kyle XY, I was in love with it. I couldn't stop thinking "What or Who is this guy?" I was actually filming FD3 [Final Destination 3] when the auditions for the role of Hillary were going on... so thankfully when I had a 10 min break on set, they let me run to the other side of the studio to audition for Kyle XY. I actually read with April Matson, (who plays Lori). Because her character is best friends with Hillary, they wanted to make sure that April had chemistry with who ever they wanted to hire to play her best friend. I remember the audition being very long, and I remember making them laugh a lot. I left there thinking "I want that role so bad, I love that character so much, and everyone in there was so nice it would be a great set to work on."

    • Chelan: (How she got involved with Kyle XY) I was filming a movie called Final Destination at the time. And I got told that there was an audition for Kyle XY and I loved the script and I loved the characters and it was so funny and so I had like a ten minute break from filming Final Destination and I ran over to the auditioning place and April [Matson] was actually there, who plays Lori [Trager], and I read with her and our connection was so amazing, we just totally got each other and our chemistry was great. The producers were all there and the director was there and they just kept getting me to do it in different ways and I guess everyone just thought I was definitely Hillary and it was probably a couple days later that I booked the role.

    • Chelan: (Who she looked up to in the film industry) When I was little, honestly, my role model was Shirley Temple. I always wanted to be Shirley Temple. I always told my mom that. Because she was so cute, she was so little, and the world was going through a big depression at that time and she just cheered everyone up. She just had so much personality and she could act, sing and dance and that's exactly what I wanted to do. I always wanted a drink named after me as well.