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  • Proof you can still sleep your way to the top

    Chelsea Handler is as annoying as she is overrated. She contantly interups the other people on her round table, even though they are all funnier than she is. Her interview skills are non-existant andshe only talks about herself during the interview. Just when you think she can't get any worse, she has now developed an ego and likes to brag about how much money she has and that is just as tacky as her personal style. Every show is the same, blah,blah, I drink, blah blah I sleep around, blah, blah I have famous friends. Not only should her show be cancelled but she should have to give back all the money they paid her to do it in the first place. I know you have to be nontaltented idiot to star on an E! show, but this is just sad.
  • Absolutely Love You Chelsea ! .........however.......

    Dear Chelsea,

    How the hell do these message boards work????

    Anyhow.I'm not sure what has compelled me to write this butoh yaI know, it's probably that my son's been on summer holidays since June 15th and starbucks has decided to do a happy hour for teens at 3:00pm in my neighborhood .WTF !!! that just happens to coincide with my afternoon crash and requirement for an IV of KICK ASS coffee, againa world-wide WTF !!

    I do love watching you despite what I'm about to write:

    I thoroughly enjoy your laissez-faire/elitist humor/personality..HOWEVER simply CANNOT reconcile it with your WARDROBE!!!!!

    Again, YOU DON'T NEED TO CHANGE A THING butttttt there are some people in your organization who definitely need to!!!

    1. YOUR STYLIST: what the HELLLLLL is she doing???? Is there not enough in the wardrobe budget? If she/he/IT cannot find something more appealing for you to wear?? even a nuns outfit would at least be hot and not such a conflict with your fabulous personality, ugggg, kill me now

    2. Orjust fire the d__bf__k !!!

    3. Am I the only one who sees that Chuy is channeling Liberace???

    4. The 8th Wonder of the World is why does he wear a French Cap ????

    Again that is probably your STYLIST!

    FIRE that ($%*^%>?! ASAP

    Maybe you could incorporate some "ROLE PLAYING" attire in your show once a week, just a thought ))

    Anyhow that's my Rant and now onto more important world issues ie. my fundraising project for my much needed first pair of LouBoutins!

    Let's have a drink sometime and I'll tell you how I really feel!

    Cheers Girl

    You're Fabulous !
  • I think she is her biggest fan, she seems to laugh at her own jokes more than anyone else does. That's just my opinon though, I'm sure some people might find her funny.

    She seems like she tries to be that sarcastic person, but that has been done, it seems like she is trying to hard. That camera show she did was pretty cheesy and seemed like it should be on British Television with that dry wit type of humor, except it might not even fit in there possibly. I just don't find her funn and haven't on the infomercials for that girls prank show or on this new show on E! I have watched and I'm trying to find something positive to say and waiting for something funny, but I think it will be a long wait. She also is horrible at interviewing people, she might want to take that out of her show.
  • Not at all funny.

    I don't have a clue why people think she is funny. Her "comedy" is as unoriginal as anything can be. All of her acts are so overused and seen before that it makes me change the channel. She also seems to be a racist. It wouldn't surprise me, it goes to show you what kind of person she really is. I don't think anyone takes her seriously, but I guess she asks for that being a poor excuse for a comic. Personally, I find her a bit gross. I usually think blondes are hot, but she is an exception. Thank you.
  • Summary? Original, talented, underrated, personal favorite, above average, gorgeous (Duh!), charming, rebel... and so much more.

    This has been written to you (Chelsea) personally. Just cuz I didn't realize, and I'm not re-writng to correct the stupid mistake, that this is supposed to be a review... Anyway...
    Ohhhh Chelsea. How I love thee. Let me count the ways.
    You are a 'wo' among 'women'. I just can't get enough of you girl. You are the funniest chickadee (and I am not talking chickens here) since... since... since... SH*t You are just the wittiest, cutest, real-ist (est?), hottest, funniest, sexiest, make me laugh out loudest, awesome at the delivery (est), that I have ever heard (and I'm pretty sure I'm a little older than you so that's a definite compliment). All kidding aside... I bought tx to see you tonight @ the Warfield in S.F. as a birthday present to my favorite room mate, my only room mate, gay as well, go figure, because we both enjoy watching you on E! more than anything else on T.V.
    We can't wait! Thank you for all the laughs!
    Love you.
    Erin and Larry
    I think we're in love with you. ;) Don't take that seriously. OK maybe just a little. I swear we're not stalkers. Just keep doing what you're doing girl. We can't wait to hear what you're going to do or say next!
  • Everyone watch her show, you won't regret it!

    Chelsea Jane Handler was born February 25, 1975, she is a comedian, actor and writer. Chelsea was born in Livingston, New Jersey, as the youngest of six children, and was raised by her Jewish parents. When she was a teen she used to be a beauty pagent competitor, but then found her path in comedy.
    Chelsea is a stand-up comedian who has made multiple appearances all over North America. She has recently gotten her own TV Show, Chelsea Lately, on E!. I consider Chelsea a very, very talented comedian, and that everyone should know about her, as she really deserves it.
  • I like to watch the show, Chelsea is something else.

    I also like the comedians, I am going to see J. Caparulo Friday night. I dont like it when they are talking over each other. Or just laughing. The way out there topics are funny sometimes. You should ditch the Judge Chelsea. I like Chelsea and the comedians that dont have that "speech" repeat sound, alot of Comedians do it( uh !). Ditch the whats er -face, with the long black hair and no breast. She has alot not going for her including poor posture and that slur speech. I like to watch Joy Koy and Ross Matthews, Loni Love.
  • Watch Chelsea Lately weeknights at 11:30 on E!, it's a great show!

    Funny. Trendsetter. Beautiful. These have been words to describe Chelsea Handler. Are they true? Yes, every single one of them! Chelsea speaks the truth, and she isn't afraid to say it!
    She has a personal assistant, Chuy(Said as Chewy), who is a little person.
    Even though he is her assistant, it seems like they're best friends, on and off set. They have great chemistry.

    Chelsea has her own show, Chelsea Lately, on E!, which is a fantastic show.

    I like to think of Chelsea as.....a human Family Guy. She makes fun of today's pop-culture icons, an as well does some comedy on her show.

    Chelsea is an amaazing actress.
  • All Bow Before the New Queen of Late Night!

    All the Big Hosts of late night television should be glad, and count themselves lucky that Chelsea is on basic cable, she's hip, drop dead gorgeous, irreverent and hysterical, and funnier than Dave or Jay or the like have been for quite sometime. If she and Stephen Colbert shows WERE on network TV, they'd put those old guys out of jobs. Her humor nearly always hits the mark, and she finds the PERFECT mixture between self deprecating humor and insults against all the folks in hollywood that deserve it. Stephen Colbert was already the King, now make way for Queen Chelsea! Give them network shows and prepare for the domination!
  • Terrible, unfunny, annoying.

    I don't know which E! Channel executives she is blackmailing so she can keep these terrible shows on the air but it has to stop. She is not funny in any manner/ I have never seen a talk show that has to use laugh tracks. She is younger than me but I would have bet money that she is at least 45. I can't imagine what she has on the E! channel executives but it has to be something big. Get this waste of air time off the channel and off of my TV! And never let her do part of any E! or VH1 compilation shows, 3 seconds of this dud is too many.
  • Chelsea is the best!

    Chelsea Handler is the best commedian I have ever seen on TV! I watch her show all the time, It seems like I cant live without it. I laugh every time I see her on TV, she never stops being funny, all her mannerisms and actions are funny. I love her lil nugget too. Chuy and Chelsea would make a great couple. I always ebjoy seeing Chelsea on TV shows other than her own show, "Chelsea Lately" It's always nice to see people on a vareity of shows, expesialy Chelsea Handler. I would really like to go see one of her live shows one day. That would be the best.
  • She's seriously funny amd she deserves to be seen for longer periods of time.

    I like Chelsea's attitude. She is the only person who has made me laugh out loud since 1907. I truly wish that the "E!" network would give her an hour to display her talents. She's quick and witty, not to mention brutally honest and truthfully bold. These qualities are a masterful blend in terms of keeping my interest. We watch "Chelsea Lately" nightly. She's not afraid to speak up, so to speak, and I don't think she's worried about ruining her image, or the lack thereof. I wish her continued success in the future, and maybe she'll land a job at "The View!" (haha)
  • chelsea is funny!

    Chelsea Handler is one of the funniest women on this planet! Her show, the chelsea handler show, is the funniest show on T.V. I believe that chelsea will go very very far in her comedy career if she keeps up her good work. i think everyone would think she is funny, so watch her show every friday night at 10:30 on E!
  • I love her show

    Shes hilarious, just plain hilarious. Theres no doubt in my mind that she definetly deserved this show. I love every episode. Like the one when hse goes out to try to find a gay best friend thinking she needs one and the one where she meets Chewy( i think thats how you spell it). Also the most recent one where she interviews Gary Coleman and they are trimming bonsai trees and how if you cut it wrong the chi would be out of whack and then she says hers is. That is just plain hilarious and she is a great comedian.
  • An amazing comidienne.

    Chelsea Handler is a woman who is naturally amusing. I first saw her on many of E!'s countdowns, before seeing her on Girls Behaving Badly, and finally on her current show, The Chelsea Handler Show. She definitely likes drinking, sexual, and cursing-themed humor, and she can pull it off. She is talented and very creative, and I find myself cracking up at her jokes. Her parodies of celebs on E! countdowns are also very, very amusing and I hope to see Chelsea doing more and more in the future! Admittedly, the funniest thing she has done would be her talking to the senior citizens on her show. Great job :D