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  • Absolutely Love You Chelsea ! .........however.......

    Dear Chelsea,

    How the hell do these message boards work????

    Anyhow.I'm not sure what has compelled me to write this butoh yaI know, it's probably that my son's been on summer holidays since June 15th and starbucks has decided to do a happy hour for teens at 3:00pm in my neighborhood .WTF !!! that just happens to coincide with my afternoon crash and requirement for an IV of KICK ASS coffee, againa world-wide WTF !!

    I do love watching you despite what I'm about to write:

    I thoroughly enjoy your laissez-faire/elitist humor/personality..HOWEVER simply CANNOT reconcile it with your WARDROBE!!!!!

    Again, YOU DON'T NEED TO CHANGE A THING butttttt there are some people in your organization who definitely need to!!!

    1. YOUR STYLIST: what the HELLLLLL is she doing???? Is there not enough in the wardrobe budget? If she/he/IT cannot find something more appealing for you to wear?? even a nuns outfit would at least be hot and not such a conflict with your fabulous personality, ugggg, kill me now

    2. Orjust fire the d__bf__k !!!

    3. Am I the only one who sees that Chuy is channeling Liberace???

    4. The 8th Wonder of the World is why does he wear a French Cap ????

    Again that is probably your STYLIST!

    FIRE that ($%*^%>?! ASAP

    Maybe you could incorporate some "ROLE PLAYING" attire in your show once a week, just a thought ))

    Anyhow that's my Rant and now onto more important world issues ie. my fundraising project for my much needed first pair of LouBoutins!

    Let's have a drink sometime and I'll tell you how I really feel!

    Cheers Girl

    You're Fabulous !