Chelsea Noble

Chelsea Noble


12/4/1964, Buffalo, NY

Birth Name

Nancy Mueller


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Chelsea Noble got her start as a model. After college, she moved to New York City, landed the role on a soap opera, and soon moved to California to pursue an acting career. She guest starred on many television shows such as Full House and Seinfeld. Chelsea is…more


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    • Chelsea: (about her relationship with Kirk) We've learned that we have to be respectful of each other's need for personal space. On the set, we have separate dressing rooms, and sometimes that's where we find personal time. Because of our friendship, we can say "I need a little space" or "I need some time alone," and we respect that, instead of taking it personally.

    • Chelsea On doing the second 'Left Behind' movie--"Tribulation Force": I chose to come back for the sequel for the same reasons I chose to do Left Behind, really. It was a good script, and I like the character of Hattie and I was excited about the cast coming back, the original cast coming back and for the same reason I also like the books. You get involved with the story, you get involved with the characters, and you want to see what happens next, and so it was fun to continue the story. But I made a decision because of the script and because of the reason I make any decision to do a project. It was just, it was good.

    • Chelsea: What have I been doing since the Left Behind movie? I had a baby, I've been raising 5 kids, and, oh gosh, I've been, Kirk and I both have been starting a production company, which I'm very excited about, in all of our spare time that is, from raising the 5 kids, you know, the 5 minutes we've had in the last few months. No, but we've always dreamed of having our own production company and, so we can produce some of the types of things we like to do, and so, I've been working on that, we've been continuing our camp that we do called Camp Firefly, we do that in the summer. So I think the most important thing and the most exciting thing was Olivia arriving, and you know, just the family welcoming her in, it's been a very exciting couple of years.

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  • Beautiful--inside and out!

    Chelsea Noble is a beautiful person. And I don't just mean physically, though she is. Chelsea is also a Christian, and emits a beautiful, calm and sweet spirit in anything she appears in. I first began watching her in Growing Pains, and have continued ever since. She is a terrific actor and a great role modle to young ladies everywhere.