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  • Good dancer/teacher.

    Has some growing up to do. Decent.
  • Chelsie Hightower should have her own show.She's got great moves,she's beautiful,and has a great personalitiy.She was great on so you think you can dancE.She has her hands full with TY Murphy. chelsie you got this Clark Kent

    Im so glad Chelsie is on the show!! I'll actually watch the show,she's a awesome dancer with great charisma and talent!! I feel she should have won "so you think you can dance".I've never watched your show,but i saw that Chelsie was dancing so I watched it.I still feel it is geared towards older people,if you want higher ratings you should change.It seems that the people you get just doesnt have much personality and charisma,Try getting some young blood in there.also try getting some big well known stars instead of "who the heck is that".Well having Chelsie Hightower will help a little but you should advertise that shes on there,i just happen to flick by and see her.
  • Definetly the best ballroom/latin dancer of SYTYCD Season Four!

    Chelsie Kay Hightower is absolutely fanastic, dance-wise or not. Her personality really radiates and is bright, I don't know why some people accuse her of being stuck-up and snobby when she really isn't, just because she has won so many national awards for her fantastic dance. Speaking of her dance, it's just absoutely amazing and a pleasure to watch, she has really powerful legs and great control (lightning hips). From what I've seen of her on SYTYCD she hasn't been critiqued once on her technique once, and even her solos are energetic and exciting, when as a ballroom dancer, she shouldn't even be able to perform solos! Chelsie is great, and I hope to see more of her in the near future.
  • Best dancer, actor I have seen in a long time. Please someone in Hollywood put this lady in a dance, love story movie. She will not disappoint. I know I would be first in line for a ticket!

    Hi Chelsie

    Go into acting. There is no real difference between acting and choreography. Just requires talent. I know you have that. I would love to see you on the silver screen. The performance that brought me to this review was "Bleeding Love" I think you know you made the grade with that effort. Build on the acting, and dancing that brings out emotion, and feeling. In that department no one can touch you. I hope the big time movie guru's realize your potential. Thanks for dancing on SYTYCD for free, but now do it, and get paid, because you deserve it. Tickets would sell themselves. You are destine for greatness.

    Thanks for a great season of TV

    A Friend