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    • The Argentine Tango choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin and danced by Chelsie Hightower and Joshua Allen to the piece A Los Amigos from Forever Tango was nominated for 2009 Emmys in the category Outstanding Choreography.
      The Hip Hop Dance choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo and danced by Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura to the song Bleeding Love by Leone Lewis was nominated for 2009 Emmys in the category Outstanding Choreography.

    • Chelsie has worked with many world-renowned choreographers such as Louis VanAmstel, Goran Nordin, Vibeka Taus, Paul Green, Karina Sminoff, Jonathon Wilkins, and Katusha Demidova.

    • Chelsie states that her favorite dance moment is from the movie "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

    • Chelsie graduated from Timpanagos High School in 2007, and then went to Utah Valley University for the fall semester.

    • Chelsie started dancing at the age of 9.

    • Chelsie's audition number is 17372.

    • Chelsie auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    • Chelsie was a US Worlds finalist in 2005 as a member of Team USA.

    • Chelsie won her first national title as a dancer at the age of eleven.

    • Another talent Chelsie has besides dancing is singing.

    • If Chelsie had to categorize her dance style, it would be Latin.

  • Quotes

    • (When asked what she has learned from the audition process of So You Think You Can Dance?)
      Chelsie: Wow, a lot - that you can't worry too much about everyone else around you, all you can do is your best. Especially in the audition process, you never want to get too caught up in other people, believe in yourself and your capabilities, and remember that everything happens for a reason whether you make it or you don't, that is what kept me calm through out the process.

    • (When asked what she would like to be doing in ten years)
      Chelsie: Married probably, teaching dance and continuing to dance myself.