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  • Trivia

    • Ryou Zyukyou defeated Chen in a cooking battle with pork as the main ingredient. It came as a surprise since Chen uses pork all the time in his Chinese cuisine.

    • Syu Kenchu defeated Chen with the uniquely Japanese ingredient akahata in a cooking battle.

      Harada Mitsuro defeated Chen in a cooking battle with mackerel as the main ingredient.

    • Notable Defeats:

      In 1996 Chen was beaten by Iron Chef Michiba in a cooking battle with beef as the main ingredient.

      Nakazawa Takaya defeated Chen in a cooking battle with Shiitake mushrooms as the main ingredient.

      Michifude Hirosh defeated Chen with the odd ingredient dry ligament in a cooking battle.

      Wakiya Yuji defeated Chen in a cooking battle with papaya as the main ingredient.

    • Chin was beaten by Yamada Hiromi with cabbage during a cookin battle. It was a surprise to the audience since Chen uses cabbage all the time for Chinese cooking.

    • Chin is sometimes called Son of the God of Schezwan Cooking in Japan. His father introduced the Schezwan cooking style to Japan in the late sixties.

    • Chin is nicknamed the The Szechwan Sage due to his skill in Szechwan Chinese style cooking.

    • Ryou Iki defeated Chin with pork in the second half of the 1995 Iron Chef's battle. His partner Michiba easily one his match leaving Chin with the only defeat of the match.

    • Kobayashi Koji defeated Chen with pumpkin during a Halloween themed episode.

    • Kobayashi Katsuyo defeated Chin in a potato battle. This came as no surprise since potato isn't a widely used ingredient in Chinese cuisine.

    • Chen paired with fellow Iron Chef Michiba lost a perch fish battle to Joel Bruant and Kodaka Masashi. This was the first team competition between Iron Chefs.

    • Chen was beaten by Kagata Kyoko in a scallop battle on the Iron Chef tv show.

    • Chen's first loss as an Iron Chef was to Kandogawa Toshirou and his use of flat-fish recipes.

    • Despite having the most wins of any Iron Chef. Chen was known for his looks of shock when being announced the winner of a match.

    • Chef Chen's record as Iron Chef:
      67 wins
      22 loses
      3 ties

    • Chen accepted the invitation to be an Iron Chef simply because he wanted a challenge.

    • The reason Chen stayed so long on the show Iron Chef. Was due to a personal agreement with Chef Sakai to stay on the show as long as Sakai would.

    • Chen is the only Iron chef to have been on the show ,Iron Chef, from it's beginning to it's cancellation.

    • Chef Chen is from a Chinese cooking family. His father was the renown Chen Kenmin known as the Sichuan king of Japan.

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