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  • Nobody thought she could!

    There's a reason Cher is such an admired person in this world. Everything she's ever attempted, no one thought she would be able to accomplish. No one thought she could sing, but she's boasted number one singles in each of the last five decades. No one thought she could act, but she's starred in a string of film hits, even winning a coveted Oscar for her role in Moonstruck. Cher's also been a tv star, a philanthropist, an advocate, a director, a mother, a role model, and an icon. You have to admit, Cher has incredible tenacity and she's got guts, too. It's been said that at the end of the world, the only things left will be cockroaches and Cher. Kudos to the person who has lived her life in her own unique way, blazing her own trail, succeeding despite her detractors, becoming a beloved icon throughout the world. She's accomplished the things no one thought she could, and she's always done it her way.