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  • Cheri is a very talented vocalist who needs more exposure. I'm sure the music video is hot,although I haven't seen it yet.

    I love the CD Cheri has recorded but here in Rhode Island no music stores have it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All I want to do is buy the CD and ENJOY it !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please help, can anyone tell me where can I order it. I\'ve gone to the offical website of Cheri Dennis nothing there,I went to the fan website nothing there. The website reads CD released on June 13th 2006 yet none of the music stores here in Rhode Island have anything on her.All I want to do is BUY the CD. Again, can anyone help me out. She has a great voice and the music is HOT !! Maybe this is why some of the really good vocalist go un noticed because you can\'t buy the CD anywhere or if you don\'t have AOL radio you don\'t get to hear the hot music.If I didn\'t have AOL radio I don\'t know that I would ever have heard of her. Because they haven\'t played it on 106.3 or 94.5 or 95.5 (Sundays only) or 98.5