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  • Unique and talented, this girl deserves her own show.

    We all remember her from the golden days on SNL, the days when it didn't suck. We know her from the Spartan cheerleader skit, and the crazy lady on too much medication. She is a unique and talented and thus deserves much more than a guest spot on a show, she deserves her own show.
  • Second sexist SNL, right behind Tina Fey!

    I don't usually watch "Saturday Night Live," but I saw something about Cheri Oteri that I like. It's not her humer, but how beautful she is. I was very much in love with her. I wrote a few letter to her. That's all I can do to get her to notince me. she is flat-out gorgeous. she might be funny, but I can't say that. I would rather see her as a very gorgeous, very sexy woman. I watch her on "Ellen" the other day and she is a knock out. Even her name is very sexy. Cheri Oteri is hot and I don't mean her comedy.