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    • Famous singer/performer Andy Gibb appeared on a Season 2 episode of Punky Brewster, and Cherie still credits him as her "first love" (he kissed her on the cheek during the episode). He even came to her birthday party that same year at Disney World, and he played miniature golf with the kids all day long. Cherie fondly remembers this, and she says that she still wears the gold cross he gave her as a present.

    • Cherie considers Punky Brewster the best experience of her whole acting career. She claims that she has never been part of anything where the cast and crew was as loving and friendly as those who were on Punky.

  • Quotes

    • Cherie Johnson: Punky's staying power definitely came from the Punky Power in the show, I would say. The kids were really what it was about, and our show actually had meaning. A lot of shows nowadays don't really have meaning, and they don't have a message, unless they're children's shows. We taught kids CPR, we started a "Just Say No to Drugs" campaign, and we also taught kids that the things we did on TV were things that you could do at home, and with your friends. So, not only did we have the Punky Power, but we gave the Punky Power to other children. And the things we taught, I believe, were so important that people have brought them into their adulthoods. That show was only four years in my career, and it is my heart. Not a day goes by where I don't think about it and the people that I worked with, and I miss them. I love Punky. Punky lives in me.