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  • Maybe, "And Then There Were Fewer", was supposed to be the worst show of the series.

    Finally, after tonight's abysmal episode of Family Guy, I'm just writing off watching anything past the first few standout seasons upon its return from cancellation.

    I cannot believe this person gets to write an hour long episode of what used to be one of the funniest shows on TV. Her timing is painful, the jokes stale and predictable, and throughout tonight's laugh-fest I found myself falling asleep just hoping it would get funnier.

    It's gotten so bad at "Family Guy U" that a dry quasi-comedic writer with a - perhaps too high IQ - gets to pen what is supposed to be an hour long 'event' type episode. The slasher murders in the story were pointless and seemed placed just to try and shock things up a bit because of how bad the story was, and the faux-seriousness of the discombobulated plot made any attempt at character recognition (jokes you'd expect out of each specific person) annoyingly misplaced because the episode doesn't know what it wants to be, let alone know where it is headed to allow the jokes to work because of the bad timing.

    Perhaps what I've always believed to be sarcastically true really IS true - the creator of the show wants it off the air. This is one way of achieving that wish - tonight's episode was the worst one of the series, so far. And Ms. Cheva's timing and 'comedic' stylings are fully to blame.

    When you have to explain at the end of story what was going on in the episode - for four excruciating minutes - you've lost the audience, and any semblance of comedy & adventure regardless of how many times you show trick shots, and, distant views of the mansion every time you come back from commercial.

    Blech! It's DVD episode favorites from now on.moreless