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Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke


5/3/1984, San Francisco, California, U.S.

Birth Name

Cheryl Stephanie Bautista Burke


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Cheryl Burke is a professional ballroom dancer. She started dancing, by taking ballet, when she was only four years old. She got into ballroom dancing when she was eleven and she hasn't slowed down yet. She can be seen on "Dancing With The Stars." Cheryl, along with her…more


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    • Cheryl Burke: (on her new relationship with Gerard Butler) My dance partner Cristian de la Fuente introduced me and Gerard a few weeks ago. He actually lives in my apartment building. We've been out together with friends and we've kissed.

    • Cheryl Burke: (on DWTS partner, Cristian de la Fuente) I really hate him. (jokes) He's very sensitive, so I have to be careful with my words during practice because sometimes I can get so strict and straight to the point that I might hurt his feelings. As a dancer, he is very musical. But I need to teach him to move his hips. I need it to become more natural and not so technical.

    • Cheryl: To be recognized for a talent you've been working on all your life is an amazing feeling. The show was really nonstop work, but it was fun. And it was worth it. I have an agent now, and a publicist. Before, I didn't even know what a publicist was!


    Great dancer/person/teacher.
  • The hottest woman on TV.

    Not only is she the most beautiful woman on TV, but she is probably the best dancer on the show. She won the championship two seasons in a row and came close the third season with Ian Zearing. That was the season with the most talent and the toughest competition. And she came close again this past season with Christian De La Fuente. Even with his injury they struggled on with the competition and came close to the finals. Always in the running and never down Cheryl continues to show that she's the person to beat on this show if you wanna get to the top.moreless