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    • Cheryl Burke: (on her new relationship with Gerard Butler) My dance partner Cristian de la Fuente introduced me and Gerard a few weeks ago. He actually lives in my apartment building. We've been out together with friends and we've kissed.

    • Cheryl Burke: (on DWTS partner, Cristian de la Fuente) I really hate him. (jokes) He's very sensitive, so I have to be careful with my words during practice because sometimes I can get so strict and straight to the point that I might hurt his feelings. As a dancer, he is very musical. But I need to teach him to move his hips. I need it to become more natural and not so technical.

    • Cheryl: To be recognized for a talent you've been working on all your life is an amazing feeling. The show was really nonstop work, but it was fun. And it was worth it. I have an agent now, and a publicist. Before, I didn't even know what a publicist was!