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    • Cheryl: (Hitting back at Lily Allen in a war of words) I'm currently on a big arena tour with the girls singing live each night. Lily I could find you a spare ticket if you'd like to come and experience what a live arena tour is like... as that's the closest you'll get to it.

    • Cheryl: To be labelled as someone's wife I find very degrading as a woman. It's embarrassing and depressing when I hear kids say to me: 'I wanna be a WAG.' That's not a job. This generation is really having it pushed down their throat, that being a footballer's wife is the be all and end all. It's not. What if you get cheated on or beaten up? What are you going to do then? Stay there for the Chloé handbag? I don't think so.

    • Cheryl: (About a Girls Aloud reunion if they split up) It just wouldn't be seemly. When we finish, we'll finish on top. And there'll be no comeback. We could hardly go out as Girls Aloud when we're old and wrinkly. We would have to call ourselves Old Girls Aloud – and that would never do.

    • Cheryl: (About troubled Britney Spears) She's someone I idolised growing up and I wanted to be like her. She was amazing and had the whole package. It's such a shame. I just want to hug her.

    • Cheryl: (About rumours she is leaving Girls Aloud) We're still finishing the new album, which I have to say is our best yet. I'm not sure why anyone would think I would want to work on a solo album now. It's sad that people have to say these things to get a little bit of publicity off the back of us.

    • Cheryl: We would love to have the same success as the Spice Girls. They really made it. They paved the way for girl groups and we'd love to think this is our time now.

    • Cheryl: I absolutely love my tattoos. The girls and I decided that the next time Girls Aloud have a No. 1, we'll all get one done. I want us to get something that only makes sense if we all stand in line, though!

    • Cheryl: The past year [2004] has been the best ever. I feel like I've got a fairy godmother watching over me.