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Cheryl Rhoads

Cheryl Rhoads

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Cheryl Rhoads is best known for her role in Mother Goose Video Treasury, as she played Mother Goose. That video was very fun, and educational for children. She is now an actress/writer/director in Hollywood. She has written many articles and seems to be very involved in politics.


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  • She was/is beautiful, and is very talented!

    Cheryl Rhoads is on of my favorite actresses, because of her voice, and her looks. Her voice is nice, and comforting, and she is very pretty. I first saw her as 'Mother Goose' on a tape called 'Mother Goose Video Treasury', and she was wonderful in it. I was a little kid, and that was my favorite tape, EVER! Now, 14 years old, I have a cute little baby sister (12 months as of 2006), and the tape has been passed down to her! She really enjoys it, although she doesn't understand it. I was watching the credeits, and thought that it was a geat thing to do, to make a tape like that for children, and I thought of 'Mother Goose', on that tape, and how her face had been branded into my mind. I got her name, and wrote it down, and the searched for her name on Google, and clicked every link on the first two pages. I quickly became an even bigger fan, and now I really want to contact her! She is currently an actress, director, and writer in Hollywood! She definitely deserves the 10 that i gave her.

    (P.S. If anyone has any information on how I could contact her, like through e-mail, then please tell me by e-mailing me at chasegran@yahoo.com. Thank You! ^_^)moreless