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  • Funny!

    Pretty good actor. Love him as "Clark Griswold".
  • He's Chevy Chase!

    The great Chevy Chase is still in my opinion one of the greatest actors of all time. With all of his great movies like all of the Vacation movies and all of his other great great great movies of the 70's and 80's and his few in the 90's. He has had an awsome television carrerr except for his little mishap in the 90's with that whole Chevy Chase Show that in my opinion bombed, HARD! He was at his prime when he was on Saturday Night Live. He was my favorite Weekend UUpdate Anchor and will never be out down.
  • A funny actor

    Chevy Chase is a great actor; he has played in some many good movies like Man of the House, Zoom, Snow Day and the National Lampoons movies.

    My favorite National Lampoon movie is Christmas Vacation, the movie is hilarious, and Chevy Chase as well the rest of the cast where superb in it.

    Chevy Chase always gives a superb performance and proves he can excel in any type of movie genre he's in.
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    Funny actor. I have seen him in some good movies aroudn him, some good some not good, but overall I think that he is a great comedian actor. I particulary enjoy Fletch, which was very funny and very original, I really like his style and think he is very good.
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    his vacation movies sega make him one of the best comedy actors and most of his movies are relly good and funny as well.
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    Chevy Chase is easily one of the top comedians that has ever lived. Getting his start on "Saturday Night Live" doing the news, he went on to star on the show for a year and a half before moving on to a fantatic film career. Chase is definitely known for not only his witty dialogue but also his great sense of slapstick comedy.
  • He's Chevy Chase and we wish!

    He wa one of the greatest comedians of our time starting his carrerr on the great Saturday Night Live as the fall guy and the great Weekend Update anchor. He was HElarious during his year and a half seasons on Saturday Night Live. He had a great movie carrerr up untill the 90's where all his films but Vagas Vacation stunk the big one. Then he had that falure of a show called The Chevy Chase Show that lasted a mere 5 weeks on the fox network. That is what he got for leaving NBC. Besides that he is HElarious.