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  • I guess since I just became editor, I should do my part and write a review. Read on to see my thoughs on what makes Cheyenne good.

    A little prelim info first:
    Cheyenne was originally signed to Epic Records as a solo artist. She is now signed to the independent label, Emblem, with her new band, Gloriana. Their debut album is currently in the works.

    Being a guy who enjoys the finer points of Prog Rock and Death Metal, it was difficult at first to admit that I like Cheyenne. I've gotten over that though and here's why.

    I happen to have a soft spot for talented female singer-songwriters, and Cheyenne fits that bill fairly well. Truth be told, her talent isn't her singing though. She is simply an OK singer, and at times it seems as though she is straining. However, I'm sure her voice will mature as she does, which is one of the reasons I'm looking forward to her new band's first album.

    Regardless, her true talent is her musicianship and songwriting abilities. A close, unbiased listen to her album, "The Day Has Come", will confirm this; but what's more impressive is that she wrote all those songs when she was 14 and 15 (or younger for some songs).

    Cheyenne has potential and regardless of the limited success of her first professional venture, she has great things to offer music. Who knows, maybe the switch from a major label to an indie label will prove beneficial for her, as she won't be forced to stifle her creativity to satisfy the pullers of the purse strings.

    I'm really looking forward to her future.
  • she isnt bad at all. she's herself, she isnt manufactured like most musicians these days and she writes/co-wtrites ALL of her music. Her voice isn't auto-tuned thank god and she does not lip-synch!!! plus she sounds amazing live!!!

    Guys Cheynne isn't bad at all. her nasally voice is different from all those fake voices. She actually SINGS live and writes/co-writes her music. Your opinion though. Cheyenne Kimball is different from all those auto-tuned, manufactured singers. Okay now this review crap is REALLY starting to aggravate me! has to be 100 words long!?!?!?!?!? *screams* okay im calm. you see my point about Cheyenne though right???? okay great. *grabs shovel and tracks down random hated celebrities* *still tracking* *5 hours later: STILL tracking* im only "tracking down" because i have to fill this "review box" crap. So aggravating. *screams for hours*
  • Cheyenne Kimball has such an annoying voice!

    When I first hear Cheyenne singing, I thought to myself, "Wow! Why did Hilary Duff inhale so much heluime?" But then I later on found out that it was Cheyenne. Her voice sounds so annoying! Its so speaky, it makes Ashley Tisdale's voice sound deep! Her singing is ear torcher! Also, she's not even that pretty! So how is she doing so well in Hollywood? The sooner Cheyenne leaves Hollywood, the better!
  • Cheyenne Kimball is too popular and WAAAAY too overrated but she is really sweet and a decently good singer, however, my cousin is in love with her.

    Cheyenne Kimball is too popular and WAAAAY too overrated but she is really sweet and a decently good singer, however, my cousin is in love with her. She is rather good for a newcomer, although she has a powerful, good voice, I won't deny that, I am not that craxzy about any of her songs. Cheyenne is cool, but, like Nicole Richie, I am speechless about her sometimes. I don't know what to say half the time, and half the time I say something about her that doesn't make any sense. Oh well. Cheyenne is good but doesn't have the extra sprinkle the way xtina does.
  • Evil entertainment business has done it again! Congratulations!!

    Cheyenne Kimball is just swell. Another one of those hot, "talented" young singers ready to rule the music world! They should make more clones, I wonder how they do it. Despite the technical editing junk, Cheyenne has a wonderfully terrible voice. Absolutely no decent vocal range. Of course, I understand that not everyone can sing like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera, but seriously. Her voice makes my ears bleed, especially when she "successfully" reaches the high notes. It's bad enough, that she has her own show on MTV.. And her songs? They\'re the same old same old. The "this is about my experiences I live through in my life and I write about them through my lyrics" cliche. No, no, she's just trying to seem like she is down-to-earth. Let's get things straight: a fifteen year old singer suddenly boosting popularity? Those evil mass media people have transformed her that's for sure. I'm not being evil, I'm just being honest. If she worked more on her voice than her.. fame, I'll probably start to like her. But I doubt that'll happen.
  • Cheyenne is awesome!

    Cheyenne is my idol! She plays an awesome guitar, and has amazing vocals.
    Her show is interesting, and talks about her life
    Cheyenne Kimball is the next teen idol in my opinion!
    Did I mention that she co-wrote all of her songs on the album 'The Day Has Come'? Now that is talent in my book!
  • She Doesn't deserve her own show!

    No Offense to her fans, but I HATE her! I hate her singing, and i have no clue why MTV would give her a show. Her song "hanging On" is annoying, and all she does is complain.She has to get over her self! And if she doesn't look perfect, she complains again, and flips out on her mom. If she has to stay in all alone she complains!! Whats so wrong about staying in for one night?? I can not stand her! All she is, is a winning little Biatch. Who needs to relasize that the whole world does not revolve around her!