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  • she isnt bad at all. she's herself, she isnt manufactured like most musicians these days and she writes/co-wtrites ALL of her music. Her voice isn't auto-tuned thank god and she does not lip-synch!!! plus she sounds amazing live!!!

    Guys Cheynne isn't bad at all. her nasally voice is different from all those fake voices. She actually SINGS live and writes/co-writes her music. Your opinion though. Cheyenne Kimball is different from all those auto-tuned, manufactured singers. Okay now this review crap is REALLY starting to aggravate me! has to be 100 words long!?!?!?!?!? *screams* okay im calm. you see my point about Cheyenne though right???? okay great. *grabs shovel and tracks down random hated celebrities* *still tracking* *5 hours later: STILL tracking* im only "tracking down" because i have to fill this "review box" crap. So aggravating. *screams for hours*