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Best known as one of the latter Hosts for The Screen Savers, Chi-Lan Lieu began her work as a correspondent on the TechTV show Fresh Gear. From there she became on-air contributor for The Screen Savers in November 2004 after TechTV merged with G4. Lieu left the network…more


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  • Trivia

    • Chi-Lan's birthday is on April 20, but she has yet to reveal what year.

    • Chi-Lan is currently working on a pilot for a television show called 'I Want That! Tech Toys'! ; a thirty minute technology review show which deals with current technological fads.

    • Lieu often jokes about her lack of ability to swim, even though she lived less than an hour from an ocean.

    • Contrary to internet rumors, Lieu was not removed as Host for The Screen Savers. Lieu decided herself to step down as Host. She felt she was missing out on her technology related reporting and decided to focus entirely on her product segments.

    • Chi-Lan is Mtv Overdrive's correspondant covering the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). In 2006, it will be her third year covering E3 for Mtv Overdrive.

    • In 2005, Lieu was one of the people involved in the creation of the Fox Reality Channel.

    • Chi-Lan got her start in the television industry as a producer on the TechTV show Fresh Gear.

    • Lieu states that the strangest job she ever had was being a vegetarian waitress in a steak restaurant.

    • Chi-Lan was featured as a guest commentator at the 2005 Academy Awards for E!'s Academy Awards Live Countdown Show. Her segment covered "The Hottest Gadgets in Hollywood"

    • Chi-Lan is a vegetarian.

    • Chi-Lan is featured in the artwork of the album cover for Hard Words In A Speakeasy by the band Low Water.

    • Chi-Lan is currently the video game correspondent for MTV Overdrive, the broadband, instand access site for the MTV network.

    • In the great computer debate of PC vs. Mac, Chi-Lan prefers Apple's technology.

    • Lieu appeared in Low Water's the music video of "Strange New Element" along with fellow TechTV personalities Sumi Das, Sarah Lane, Cat Schwartz, Laura Swisher and Morgan Webb.

    • In March 2005, Chi-Lan was hired by Stuff Magazine to be their technology and gadget columnist. Her original article was to be published in their July 2005 issue. However, due to publishing factors and contraints, an updated version of her first article has finally been published in Stuff's June 2006 issue.

    • Chi-Lan's nickname at TechTV was "Gadget Guru".

    • Chi-Lan one of only six TechTV on-air talents to survive the massive layoffs that occurred during the merger of G4 and TechTV. The others are Sarah Lane, Brendan Moran, Kevin Rose, Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb.

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  • the worse ...I'd rather turn the show off than to watch her

    -0- rating very patronizing and obnoxious......not professional acts like she is scared/and unsure of what's going on.....put her behind the scenes not in front of the camera...there are too many other people out there that would fit the ob...she is definitely not the opinion..john gidding deserves a better host to compliment his episodes and compliment his abiility....she does not compliment the show at all....other hosts help the staff and she doesn't seem to do that either. I will say that I will not watch design to sell when she is on...and I like John Gidding and what he I guess I will have to watch him on "curb appeal"moreless