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  • To many a fervent tv viewer, Chi McBride may be best known for playing Principal Steven Harper, in Fox's hit series, Boston Public. Since the end of that show, he has portrayed memorable characters, both in television and the movies.

    On the big screen he has appeared in such hits as I,Robot and The Terminal. But I remember him as the "person you love to hate", Ed Vogler, on the series, House,M.D. As Vogler, a billionaire who for a while, acts as C.E.O of Princeton Plainsboro Hospital, he becomes a worthy adversary to Dr. House. They constantly "butt heads", until House finds a way to force him out. Mr. McBride has guest starred on numerous programs, and was cast as the private eye, Emerson Cod, on the critically acclaimed, but short-lived series, Pushing Daisies. In his current role as Winston, on Human Target, he provides a much needed balance between the enigmatic and impulsive, Christopher Chance, and the very erratic, ultra-violent, Guerrero. The show does not always live up to expectations; this often happens when characters have been established in other forums, like a comic book series. But this season, so far, has been better than the last - hopefully Human Target will continue to improve, with the help of the talented Chi McBride.
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    He does well in all his roles. I thought he was terrific on the tv show "Boston Public".