9/11/1985, Inglewood, CA, USA

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Chikezie Ndubuisi Eze


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Chikezie (name is of Nigerian origin) was born in Inglewood, CA on September 11, 1985. He began singing when he was 13 years old. He attended high school at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies.

Before auditioning for "American Idol," he worked as a Transportation Security…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Chikezie says out of all the American Idol contestants, he bonded most with David Hernandez.

    • Chikezie's musical influences are Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, John Legend, Sam and Dave, and anyone that makes good music.

    • He was voted off on American Idol on March 26, 2008.

    • If he could do anything in 24 hours, he would create a machine that could allow him to do something forever.

    • If he could sing at any venue he wanted, he would do so in Madison Square Garden or the Great Western Forum.

    • He thinks having come so close in the past on American Idol gives him an edge on the show.

    • His advice to future American Idol contestants is to be true to themselves no matter if it is right for the show or not.

    • His happiest moment related to music is when he got his first standing ovation.

    • The person he would most like to meet is Jesus.

    • Chikezie draws inspiration from his faith.

    • He hopes to differentiate himself on American Idol by having a unique style and a lot of energy.

    • If given the chance, he would not change himself in any way because that's the way God made him.

    • The toughest obstacle in his life is going through numerous rejections in musical endeavors.

    • He had a favorite comfort room in high school, but he only found out it was a women's comfort room when one day the door was closed.

    • List of Songs Sung on American Idol:
      February 19, 2008 - More Today Than Yesterday by Spiral Staircase
      February 26, 2008 - I Believe to My Soul by Donny Hathaway
      March 4, 2008 - All the Man That I Need by Whitney Houston
      March 11, 2008 - She's a Woman by The Beatles
      March 18, 2008 - I've Just Seen a Face by The Beatles
      March 25, 2008 - If Only for One Night by Luther Vandross
      March 26, 2008 - If Only for One Night by Luther Vandross (Eliminated)

    • The proudest moment in his life is being born again.

    • If he wasn't talented in music, he'd like to have the ability to focus on other things besides music.

    • He thinks people would be surprised to learn that he is a soap opera junkie.

    • His goal in life is to change the music industry for the better.

    • He thinks his friends would be surprised to know that he owns Aerosmith's Get a Grip.

    • His rituals before performing are to learn the lyrics very well.

    • The most embarrassing moment in his life was when he forgot all the lyrics to a song on stage and made them all up.

    • His fans call themselves "The Eze Riders."

    • His musical influences are Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, John Legend and Sam and Dave.

    • His audition number for American Idol was 613. He auditioned in San Diego.

    • Other than singing, Chikezie believes he has no other talent.

    • Favorites:
      Quote: Legends are made where genius meets hard work and timing.
      Male Pop Stars: Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland.
      Female Pop Stars: Anita Baker, Alicia Keyes, Nina Simone, Norah Jones, Sarah McLachlan and Aretha Franklin.
      American Idol Judge: Simon Cowell because he has a good eye.
      American Idol Contestant: Jennifer Hudson
      American Idol Moment: When Elliott Yamin sang Donny Hathaway's I Believe to My Soul.

  • Quotes

    • Chikezie: (on where he sees himself after 10 years from when he was eliminated from American Idol) I would like to see myself getting at least one Grammy [laughs], that's for starters. I really want to get started with my music career -- start making music that makes me feel good and hopefully makes others feel good. Also, acting. Who knows, why not? Why not try everything? I'm the type of person that likes to see what I can do, see what my boundaries are. I'm always testing myself to see what I can accomplish.

    • Chikezie: (on if he felt like he has done well enough on American Idol to pay back his parents) I won't feel like I've fulfilled it until a time comes when my parents no longer have to work, no longer feel like they have to get out of bed and drive off to work in the morning. When they no longer have to do that, then I know my job is done.

    • Chikezie: (on which upcoming mentor on American Idol he was most excited to work with) It would have to be Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber... because I respect his body of work so very much. When you've created a masterpiece like 'Jesus Christ Superstar' -- what an honor. That would have been great to be able to meet him and perform his songs for him.

    • Chikezie: (on why he dropped his last name on American Idol) My last name is "Eze" [eh-zeh] actually, and I dropped it for that exact reason -- because it was constantly mispronounced.

    • Chikezie: (on if he was always as happy as he appeared on American Idol) I tend to wear my emotions on my face most of the time, so if I'm nervous you can usually tell. I'd probably be sweating without doing any kind of work [laughs]. I tend to be happy because I feel so blessed to be in the position, to have had this opportunity -- really, really blessed.

    • Chikezie: (on why he sang a ballad on American Idol even if people told him not to) It's kind of like ... running on a diving board. You know the diving board is eventually going to end, so you run even faster, you know? That's the way I looked at it, because I knew that [the judges] -- at least Simon -- wouldn't like it. So it took a lot of the pressure off because then I didn't have that to worry about, and I was just performing for the sake of performing.

    • Chikezie: (on if he thought about how the judges would react when he took a risk on American Idol) I had absolutely no clue how the judges would feel about it and I think that's why I did it. If I knew how they would respond, then it wouldn't be as much fun. I already knew that Simon wasn't going to feel it, no matter what. I came in knowing that, and I did the song anyway. I just had to do what I thought was right and what I felt represented me.

    • Chikezie: (on how he felt after being eliminated from American Idol) I was glad that none of the other guys had to go home. Honestly, I was. Because that's probably the hardest part of the show -- saying goodbye to your friends. Things couldn't have gone better. I didn't have to say goodbye to anybody and honestly they didn't have to say goodbye to me either, because they'll be seeing me again on tour.

    • Chikezie: As far as my music, my happiest moment came when I got my first standing ovation.

    • Chikezie: I'm trying to learn guitar, so I'm decent, I can get a few chords in and same with piano, I can get a few chords in, but I'm trying to get better with those. Talent's, I don't know. Singings just kinda' been my thing for awhile, you know?

    • Chikezie: I honestly don't remember when I first started singing. When I first started really, really singing, it was probably like the end of middle school, something like that, but my mom tells these stories about me, like in stores, like 3, 4 singing to songs that I don't even know the words to, just going "Wahahaha," and just totally making a complete fool of myself.

    • Chikezie: When I first found out I was in the top 24 it was just, it was a dream you know? It was like, I was on cloud nine, and I still am. It still hasn't sunk in, it's kinda' weird. It's probably gonna sink in when I get on that stage, but it's just, it's amazing 'cuz you see the commercials all over the place, you see the billboards and like, I'm part of that. You just look at the ratings, I'm part of that.

  • An American Idol finalist.

    Chikezie Meekie Eze (a really awesome name) is best known as being an American Idol Season 7 finalist. He made the top 10 and is going on tour, which is good. I personally think he is pretty good. Some of his performance were great (like his top 12 performance) but his top 10 and top 12 boys performance wasn't that good. I was kinda glad he was voted out, but I was glad he made the top 10. The performance he was voted out on was really boring, and he was my prediction of who was gonna go home that night.moreless