China Kantner

China Kantner


1/25/1971, San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name

China Wing Kantner



Also Known As

China Slick Kantner
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Daughter of Jefferson Airplane members Paul Kantner and Grace Slick, China first made her name in the late 1980s as the youngest-ever MTV VJ. She then went on to present a weekend radio show on KRQR-FM before switching to acting. She appeared in a number of minor roles…more


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    • One often-reported story about her is that her parents originally named her "god" (with a lower-case "g"), but then changed it to China. This is actually an urban legend, and results from a sarcastic remark her mother made to a nurse when she was born, which the nurse then passed on to a local newspaper. According to interviews with China and her parents, her name has always been China, that's the name on her birth certificate, and there was never any intention to call her "god".

    • Her parents are Paul Kantner and Grace Slick from 1960s rock band Jefferson Airplane.

    • One of the parts she auditioned for, but didn't get, was the role of Dharma in "Dharma & Greg."

    • She got her MTV job via a family friend, Les Garland. Besides being one of the top executives at MTV, he also provided the voice of the DJ on "We Built This City" by Starship.

    • She has two half-brothers, Gareth (older) and Alexander (younger).

    • She's good friends with Christina Applegate.

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