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  • oh no not again.

    I did not read to plead my case in the Over Hauling site so I posted under Oh No---I'm rusted. Anyway---I am 68 yrs old and have recently purchased a 68 Ford Bronco Half Cab for my wife. I have had to have several surgeries, illnesses, etc and she has always been there for me---like a rock. She was recently asked to resign from her job of 31 yrs and she is only 61 so the health insurance, etc is going to eat our lunch now. I finally got my Dad's 65 Chev P/U mostly restored after about 5yrs & $7000 for parts, etc. I am fearful that I will not get her project done now as we have very little in savings & cash & our retirement checks are not that much with our other monthly bills now her health insurance. This would make my wife so happy as she learned to drive in a 66 Ford Bronco half cab. Please make an angel really happy.
  • Help me help him!

    Hi my name is Danielle. My fiance has a '77 C10 chevy step side. It has been his dream car since before he could drive but he isn't able to always work on it the way he wants, or when we wants because he is always helping and doing things for others especially me. When ever we have the money something always comes up. He is always telling me to call you to get him on to Overhaulin so that his truck can be restored. I know that this is a long shot but it would mean so much to me and even more to him if you could do this for him. This is one of the only ways that I know how to give him something that I know that hell love and to show him how much I love and appreciate everything that he does for me. Please please help me help me. Thank you so much for reading this.

  • my husbands mustang (his baby)

    hi my name is kerri my husband has a 97 mustang and needs so work when he first brought the car he was by his self, has been in a few accidnets and we have done min repaires and most of the work he has done himself. i have some wonderful ideas for a paint job and he would like to have a bigger motor in it there is just not enough money. i know that he would be so happy if someone could help him with his dream to have a souped up car that he really wants. i know u could do a great job with the image i have in my head for a paint job watch this show often and love your work thanks
  • A daddy to deserve

    Hi my name is Grecher and I'm from Puerto Rico. I know that you are from USA, but I think that if you make all that dreams really, maybe can do my father's dream too. My father is the best man in the word and one of his dreams is have his CHEVROLET 66 like he ever dream. He have it for 12 years and he only can repair a part of the motor. He is on front on TV everyday seeing your program and always said: if that occurred to This is my dream. I know that maybe is impossible, but nothing I lose trying. He always be for help everyone that need it, and never wait nothing change. In resume HE IS AND ALWAYS BE THE BEST DADDY

    Please help me to do his dream really.

  • Please nominate my husband, a policeman, EMT, and fireman

    I know you hear this all the time, but my husband is an amazing man. He works full time as a police officer and full time as EMT. He loves helping people and in his spare time he is an amazing father to our son and daughter, in which he adopted when she was 3 years old. He is such a hard worker to provide for us and make sure we drive a dependable car that he never gets a chance to work on his car. My husband has a 1979 Trans Am, this is his baby, it has been in our garage for several years untouched. He had money saved up to start working on it but decided to use that money on a car for my daughter to have for college. He is one of the most unselfish people, he never cries trying to stay strong, however, if something happen to this car he would be devastated. He has just been honored by the City of Kinston for being such an amazing and compassionate 28th is now reconized as Mike Hoffman Day in Lenior though that is such an amazing honor, I want to give him something that is everything to him. Can you please consider my husband, thank you.
  • A daughter's Dream, put on hold coming up on 6 help!

    I could play sad stories on you but I see there are many more people affected by was, then found a man named David. He had 2 teenage, beautiful daughters and started them young on collecting cars and going to car shoes. He has had many different cars but right now, has been "working" on a 73, Camaro RS got along with purchasing an Excellent condition 69 Nova. However, the Camaro needs Nova went to his oldest daughter and the younger one wanted the Camaro because her and Dad were going to fix it together. Well, it has happened or even come is an awesome father and when he married me a got 2 of the greatest daughter in the steps also have 2 sons, both military. One Army and one Marine. The oldest served in Iraq, my baby just returned from Afhghanistan, he is the Marine. But every year Dave has taken his cars and daughters to an annual car show in Lake Of the Ozarks and every year he promises the Camaro will be it's still goes with good attitude but is just dieing to drive her on know it may not be as touching as the other stories but she is a beautiful, graduated with honors, taking a semester of to be a Manager at a Fast Food place just to get a taste of is alway there for her dad and he for even puts his coveralls on and climbs under the car to is so cannot imagine her under the car sawing the exhaust tries to keep David motivated but other things get in the will not let anyone I mentioned he thinks i'm joking about contacting you. He sad you would be the only person in the world other than Sydni or him to work on you know why it is for your
  • Nominate my son a wounded Marine Veteran with a GTO.

    Hello I would like to nominate my son Lance Corporal Joshua K Campbell. Fox Company 2/8 Marines (Americas Battalion). He was wounded by an IED while serving in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan and suffers from a TBI and PTSD. He has struggled to move forward with his life since his injuries and is in college to become a EMT/Firefighter. He recently bought a 2005 GTO and we are trying to work on it together but we lack the knowledge and resources. This car means the world to him. Thank you for your time. Ron Campbell retired US Army 82nd Airborne Division (All Americans).
  • Old Trim Repair

    Chip, I watch your show religously, and I think it is the best show on TV for we old motorheads. I always see you repairing old trim, and was wondering if you have any videos that would lead a novice such as myself through the process? I am working on a 1973 Ford F250, which needs a lot of TLC, to bring it back to life. It would also be helpful to know some of your sources for re-chroming and possibly a video on metal polishing to bring my old trim back to life. Thanks in advance for any knowledge that you can pass along!


    Bristol, Tn.
  • Chip please help my husband - 69 Camaro

    Chip, my husband watches your show everyday and I mean every episode. I really need your HELP!! My husband brought home a 69 camaro in buckets (yes, I said buckets) out of a field that he wanted to restore so bad well he has been working on this thing for years and still it is not finished. He has spent so much money on this car - New body, floors, fenders, hood, trunk, gas tank, paint job and now he is out of money. It is now just a center piece collecting dirt :( he talks about this car everyday and says that he will go to his grave with this car not drivable. He loves this car and has tried so hard and WAS so proud of what he was going to do with this car, but his dreams are crushed. My husband would do anything for his kids, family and friends and he works so hard and would give the shirt off his back to a stranger. I would love for his dream to come true and him beable to drive this car even if it is just once and be proud of his car. My husband turns 50 in December. I would LOVE to surprise him with a driveable car and give him something back for all he has done for our family. It would be the best gift that I could ever give him from me and our kids. Please help!! Thanks so much for making dreams come true.
  • my husband watches your show

    My watches your show all the has a 1964 gmc 4x4 would love the truck to be restored before he something happen to him. He has a blood problem, he is on has had the truck for 19 years we had the moter rebuilt,then he got sick and could not do any more to it. We also have a handicap son that loves to get in the truck and what's to ride in it,but their is other things that need done to it before it can be would love it if you could do this for the both of them.

    My husband has been watching your show for quit some time now,he absolutely loves it. He always tells me I wish my low rider could go on that I can say is I know. He's been trying to fix his lowrider truck for atleast five years we get extra money it has to go towards something else like our 5 live in Burton,MIchigan I would absolutely love it if you could help my husband out and fix his truck for him. It would be the greatest thing i could ever do for would be his dream come true. Please let me know if you could help me out by helping my husband you so much. Jennie
  • Overhaulin'- Great Show

    My husband and I have watched your show over the years since it started, and I LOVE your designs. It always amazes me how you can come up with the various ideas so easily.

    in 1996, we saw a neglected 1965 Chevy Impala, 4-door sedan and "took it Since then, my husband, a retired federal law enforcement officer, has spent many hours working on it. He decided fairly early on that he wanted it to be a police car. He did his first paint job using black and white spray paint - in cans. Over the years, he had a new engine put in (Jasper), and a couple of other paint jobs - one paid for, and the last one he did in the garage having taught himself to paint with actual automotive paint and his then new 60-gallon compressor. He loves his car, and has it dedicated to our armed forces, with decals saying "Freedom Isn't Free" and "God Bless our When he takes it out, people always honk and wave, and give him the thumbs up.

    My husband has developed severe back problems, and we have had to make several major repairs to our house. He was able to get the house repairs done by bartering his tools, all of them. He is no longer able to do car work, and thought that was the best thing to do. While he misses his tools, he is beginning to see the breakdown of the paint on the cop car in spots. His garage repairs just don't have the staying power of professional work. At this point, his car is one of the things that keeps him going.

    I would like to nominate this 1965 Chevy Impala Cop Car for one of your Overhaulin' projects. It would mean the world to him. As a USMC veteran, and former federal law enforcement person (including Federal Correctional Officer, US Border Patrol Agent, Investigator for the Federal Maritime Commission, and ending as the Chief of Police at the VA Medical Center in Lyons, NJ, he has tried to make the car an homage to our military. I can envision what you could do for not only the car, but for him.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Julie Ciuro



  • A man who is in love with his '88 Jeep

    Chip my boyfriend of three years has been working on cars since he was in middle school. Growing up with an Uncle that built and fixed cars, he was the kid who spent time in the auto garage rather than time playing in the street with the neighborhood kids. He has grown to love everything there is about cars and has a great appreciation of their history and the art of rebuilding classics. He wakes up in the morning looking to see if your show ' OVERHAULIN' is on TV. He is a true fan of your work and talent. He bought an '88 Jeep that gets him 8-10 mpg! The interior is torn out, he has no radio or air condition and has driven the Jeep through a lake BUT he is so in love with his Jeep that he refuses to sale it. He went through a bad experience and tried to have his engine rebuilt only to find out $4,200 later it still doesn't run properly. He was so disappointed and is still trying to repair the damage. I would love to be able to surprise him with a chance to meet you and just talk cars! He would be overly excited and it would be something great I can do for him. I would love you to put your amazing expertise into rebuilding this classic to perfection.
  • 1972 Cutlass

    I have been watching Overhaulin for a little while now and I always love the work you all put into the vehicles. I wish my husband had the same enthusiasm as we have had the Cutlass for over 10 years and he has done some work to it but never enough to put it on the road and be proud of it. I would like to know if you have any tips for him to get this car rolling properly? We are willing to put some money into it but don't necessarily have the time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • 1966 Corvette

    Hello, my name is Lisa Nelson. My husband, Scott, watches your show all the time and often wishes that he could have his 1966 Candy Apple Red Corvette rebuilt. The car has been sitting in our garage since I met him 8 years ago and much longer before that. I have only had the pleasure of seeing the car one time. He keeps saying every year that he wants to get it running.

    He and his father rebuilt cars together as he was growing up. This is the last one last of many that they worked on together. As you might imagine this car means a great deal to him. It's the only thing he has left from his father who passed away from a heart attack several years ago. His father was an Army helicopter pilot who was deployed several times active duty in Vietnam.

    Scott is a very hardworking man and is required to travel quite frequently with his job. He takes very good care of us but as most families, after paying bills there's not a lot of money left over. When he and I were married we each took on two more children (a combined family of 4 children). It's such a shame that the car is sitting in our garage covered with junk. However, to rebuild the corvette would be a luxury that we just can't afford.

    My husband turns 50 on December 14th 2012. I would LOVE to surprise him with a rebuilt corvette and give him something back for all he has done for us. It would be the ultimate gift that I could ever do for him.

    I look forward to hearing from you all and making this dream come true for him.


    Lisa Nelson
  • my husbands 1985 dodge.

    hi my name is tammy. i am writing because my husband had been run over by my truck, which he was junking. it broke away from his 1985 dodge truck. an he got pulled under by the tow dolly, an he is upset that he cant work on it. so i would love to have it overhauled for him. we watch ur show an he is always saying he would like it very much for u to work on it....
  • For my wife

    My wife is a breast cancer survivor. She is also the owner of a 1984 Camaro that she bought new and has had it all these years. Her father helped her buy it and has now since passed and whenever she talks about the car she thinks or her father who was the most important influence in her life. When we were married I had 2 sons from a previous marriage. She allowed them to "modify" her car and hot rod it. The car now sits in a storage unit because the last time it was driven it caught on fire. She loves the car and its memory. I thought this might be a good overhaul for a show next October which is cancer awareness month.
  • This family is absolutely amazing and truly deserving of an act of kindness. Please read the story and think about helping them with their old truck. They were featured in a local newspaper "Shopper-News" from Knox County, TN Info. posted be

    10 This is the link to an article recently written in their newspaper. (Shopper-News)- entitled: Hard times & tragedy take a toll on local builder. Written by: Betty Bean.

    This family has endured so much and has come through the best they could.
    They are a family of 12. 10 children and the parents, Sylvia and Roy.
    They recently lost their three year old son, Samuel to Neuroblastoma. He fought a valiant fight , as all cancer patients do but, his was extra special as he was so young. His family has been by his side throughout treatments and "remission" and again at his side when he took his last breath. I believe this family deserves an acti of kindness for not only the obvious reasons-as you will read in the article (link above) but, for also being so brave and loving throughout this traumatic, life changing event.
    I am available to answer questions or help.
    My name is Adele Morin.
    My number is : 808-744-3219 Please consider this well deserving family.
  • hey chip love the show i know you do your work out west but i know someone that can use a overhaul in ohio

    I think the show is great and your pranks to keep the target guessing are some of the best ive seen on tv if you are looking for a real challeng i have one for you its a fiat convertable spider 1968 with less than 7000 miles on it and it needs your ideas and designs it has not been started for 20 years that i know of and its a prodject that my dad will never get to he gave up all his time and money to take on my mother and her two kids at the time he is a great man and i would like it if you could get ahold of me and pull some of those pranks on him he never asks for anything and this would be something he could retire and have fun driving we need your help if you could. he parked it when he was drafted into the army and served in veitnam to my knowlage the car has only been pushed from barn to barn and never started again.
  • please help foose

    Dear mr. foose my husband has a 1994 chevy camaro z28 with a limited corvet addition engine. we don't really have the money to bring it back to its original luster he is talking about selling it because the engine needs rebuilt an we don't have the money the only way i can get him to not sell this rare car is with your help i have heard you do not leave cali. but if you could just this once it would mean more to this family then you know please help us my e-mail is thank you pam.
  • for a loving little brother that puts other needs first

    i have a little brother that is in his last yr in high school and he has a camaro that he want to fix up but can't because of all the money it costing him for thing for school and that hurts because of the time my dad and step mom can't help him to much and it been hard on me because there not much i can do i would love to have someone help me give him his dream to have that car ready for him when he gose of to collage he works so hard at school get good grades he a starter on his high school football team plus when he is not at school or football he spend all his time working to earn as much money as he can but being seventeen that not much with all the stuff going on in his life this would be the great gift i could give him if someone could help he work so hard in his life i just want to make this one dream come true for him to show him dream do come true
  • chip this car has been at a shop yard for months. Chief wouldn't even know if it got taken or not! Can you send it to your shop? We are in Lewiston, Idaho.

    Please overhaul my 65 year old native American husbands wounded "war pony". A 1955 ford courier. He found it on the reservation over ten years ago. Paid 300 dollars for it. Mean time has raised his own kids and adopted four more.Our baby is four and she loves to sit in it. Chief tells her "some day its gonna gallop like the wind!" It has nothing inside it, its in terrible condition! Chief knows nothing much about fixing autos, its a dream, a fantasy you know? I would love to be able to see his pony go to war again!
  • Please overhaul this 90 Chevrolet Van that is sitting in the yard for several years.Owner is a father of 2 children & can't afford to fix it,and is soon to loose there only transportation.He is a hard worker,but hasn't the funds to get it running.Please!

    Hi i watch your show all the time,which gave me this idea.My fiance has a 90 Chevrolet Van that sits in our yard.He is a drummer for his band & when gigging he crams his drums in a focus not easy!He say's he will get it fixed,but as he has custody of his 2 children & there needs come first it will never get fixed.Please Fill his dreams.He deserves this dream to come true.You have no idea what this would mean to him & his 2 children.He is such a great father & hard worker,but has trouble getting ahead.Thank you!
  • Not ONE but TWO antique cars. A 58 Ford Fairlane (retrac)(hes had it for 32 yrs) and a 63 Ford Galaxy (been in the family for 46 yrs). The retrac was a father/son project growing up, bought in pieces from salvage. Father passed away recently, car is......

    the retrac was almost finished by them, but then father stored the car and let it fall back out of shape. Father passed away a few years ago, and so hubby got to bring her home. She needs restored but the hubby is soo picky about her. He demands original factory parts.. and only the best for her. I think hes married to that car, I sure know its been the first love in his life. I admit its a beautiful car. Still runs if you go out and start it. He drives it once in a blue moon. The Galaxy was his uncles car and passed down to the hubby. He hates me calling it the granny car. I asked him if I could have the car, but under the condition I restore it MY way. He says NO cause he doesnt want me turning it into a Hot Rod Race Car.. which I would do.. (smiling here).. He currently uses the car to store junk in.. poor thing. Chip, I honestly would challenge YOU to take on these projects.. Getting these cars away from him would be a challenge in itself. you wouldnt only be restoring an antique, but battling a picky grump who owns them. My hubby is in the process of quitting smoking.. Hes 38 yrs old and has smoked since he was a kid. I told him he could buy a $17,000 Harley if he would quit. Needless to say, I just did some laundry and found cigarrette butts in his Yes I can laugh about it cause I knew when I signed the papers on the new bike he would never quit. But I love him that much, enough to do what I can to try to get Chip to steal these cars and restore them to their original beauty so I can tell him thats his lifetime wedding anniversary gifts from a loving wife. His gift in return you say? (to finally quit smoking once and for all) but only after the cars are returned and hes not freaking out about them being stolen... HELP a devoted wife?
  • My amazing husband and his 91 honda crx

    This is an awesome show, especially at a time like this. You guys do amazing things for people who really need it. Bless all of you! My husband just recently sold his pride and joy, his Subaru STI. He sold or well traded it to get me a better car for our girls. He bought himself a 91 Honda CRX. Its going to take years of work for him. It needs everything from interior or body to engine. It would be a true blessing if you Chip and the crew would overhaul his car. If there is a way to send pictures to you guys let me know. I would be happy to do so. Thank you all so much for what you do.
  • Dad's original 1968 Barracuda in need of TLC!!! His son was brought home from the hospital in that car which he now owns and he would like to bring his next child home in that same car! Please make our dreams come true! Thank you and we love your show!

    My fiancé, Daren, was born on July 31, 1969 and brought home by his father in his 1968 Barracuda. My fiancé's earliest memories are in that car and it has been passed down and will continue to be passed down if the condition of the car can be maintained. Daren's son , Zack, loves cruisin' around in his "Dad's Hot Rod" and it is in desperate need of some TLC. Daren and I plan to marry in June of this year and we hope to bring our own child home in the very same car! Of course, our finances do not allow us to make this dream car a real "dream" so we are hoping you will consider making our dreams come true!
  • My fiance has a '66 Bronco thats in need of help! He's a stay at home dad and does bike rebuilds from the garage. We have little money and are struggling trying to make ends meet. Because this is his main source of transportation,we need your help please!

    My fiance has a 1966 Ford Bronco please help! He's a stay at home dad and does bike rebuilds from our garage. We have little money and this is his only vehicle. He needs something more reliable, something safer than what he presently has. I could never do this for him on my own but with your help we could make his dream ride come alive! I have watched your show on a regular basis but we didn't have the internet until January of this year. So now I am sending you this in hopes that Chip and the team can tear this bad boy up!
  • 1974 Bronco Needs help!

    20 years ago my husband redid his 1st Bronco. I made him sell it so that we could survive. He has another bronco and just doesn't seem to ever get the time it takes to fix it up. He tells me that he is going to restore it and give it to my son. My son is almost 13. We were watching your show and somebody had complained about the color of the car you did. (I don't know why, it looked great). My husband said I wouldn't care if you had painted pink, it is like having a new car. He watches your show all the time. How do I get his truck on the show?

  • i would love for my fiances car to be overhauled!

    Dear "Overhaulin" crew, my name is Rebecca. My fiance has a car that needs alot of work. We have a one year old little boy so money is very tight and we can't afford to get the car fixed or even get a new one. He has done so much to make sure that our family has whatever we need. He works grounds and maintenance at an apartment complex and loves to work on cars. I know that if his car was overhauled he would not know what to do. if you could please email me back and let me know if there is anything you can do to help. thanks very much.

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