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  • A man who is in love with his '88 Jeep

    Chip my boyfriend of three years has been working on cars since he was in middle school. Growing up with an Uncle that built and fixed cars, he was the kid who spent time in the auto garage rather than time playing in the street with the neighborhood kids. He has grown to love everything there is about cars and has a great appreciation of their history and the art of rebuilding classics. He wakes up in the morning looking to see if your show ' OVERHAULIN' is on TV. He is a true fan of your work and talent. He bought an '88 Jeep that gets him 8-10 mpg! The interior is torn out, he has no radio or air condition and has driven the Jeep through a lake BUT he is so in love with his Jeep that he refuses to sale it. He went through a bad experience and tried to have his engine rebuilt only to find out $4,200 later it still doesn't run properly. He was so disappointed and is still trying to repair the damage. I would love to be able to surprise him with a chance to meet you and just talk cars! He would be overly excited and it would be something great I can do for him. I would love you to put your amazing expertise into rebuilding this classic to perfection.