Chip McAllister (II)

Chip McAllister (II)


10/2/1957, St. Louis, Missouri

Birth Name

Phillip Chip McAllister


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Chip portrayed a young Muhammad Ali in the 1977 film The Greatest. Ali portrayed the adult version of himself.

    • Chip owns a Web company in California

    • Chip was a team captain on Battle of the Network Reality Show Stars.

    • Chip, along with fellow The Amazing Race member, Brandon, have tied with the most Roadblocks performed. After their season, however, the maximum amount of Roadblocks that an individual can perform is 6; therefore, their record will not be broken.

    • Chip and his wife, Kim, was the first team to use the Yield on The Amazing Race.

    • Prior to season 7, Chip is the oldest person to win The Amazing Race.

    • Chip stated in his The Amazing Race 5 interview that he most resembles boxer George Foreman, minus his money, and his wife looks like Olympic runner Florence Griffith Joyner.

    • Aside from marrying Kim, Chip said his second biggest accomplishment was finishing college at age 38.

    • As of November 2007, Chip and his wife, Kim reside at Coto De Cazo, California.

    • Prior to winning The Amazing Race 5, Chip and his wife, Kim, risked foreclosure on their home.

    • Chip and his wife, Kim, competed with fellow Amazing Race 5 contestants Mirna and Charla in Battle of the Network Reality Show Stars.

    • Chip and his wife, Kim, were the oldest team to win The Amazing Race as of Season 11.

    • Chip's favorite all-time movie is The Shawshank Redemption. Other Favorites he has is Forrest Gump, The Godfather series, It's a Wonderful Life, and Groundhog Day.

    • Chip's favorite TV shows are 24 and, of course, The Amazing Race.

    • Chip and his wife, Kim, were the first African-American team to win The Amazing Race.

    • Chip was a team captain in Battle of the Network Reality Show Stars.

    • Chip married Kim McAllister in 1979. They have three children together named Phillip III (CJ), Kristen and Elon

  • Quotes

    • Chip: Several of our friends and family members have made calls to us to express their strong feelings as to why we should be on the show. That is why we started watching. Now, The Amazing Race is our favorite show.

    • Chip: (on winning his first leg on The Amazing Race) We're finally at the top. We're no longer bottom-feeding.

    • Chip: Colin and Christie are going to be so aggressive. They're going to be in kill mode!

    • Chip: (to taxi driver) Thank you so much. You made me a millionaire.

    • Chip: (regarding cold Canada conditions) This is culture-shock for us Southern California people.

    • Chip: Running The Amazing Race taught me that, no matter what, I can't quit.

    • Chip: I'm not going to be diplomatic anymore. Me first. Me first. Me first. That's how it has to be now. Forget friends. You can have friends later.

    • Chip: Colin and Christie are like the Los Angeles Lakers. They're the best.

    • Chip: That old Chip --- being nice and sharing information. That's all over. Now it's Kim time. Go for the jugular!

    • Chip: By design, Kim and I spend approximately 23 hours a day together. We work, play, laugh, argue, fuss and strategize together.

    • Chip: Now we have the opportunity of a lifetime to see the world together. I'm just loving this.

    • Chip: (on Kenya) Everywhere I turn people look like me. It's not something we get to experience every day.

    • Chip: The only way we have a chance is if we have someone...
      Kim: ...equally as lame as us.

    • Chip: God takes care of his idiots, so I'm first on the list.

    • Chip: Watch your money, but don't let money guide your emotions in a negative way.

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  • Great person and also good competitor

    I loved Chip & Kim when they went on the

    Fifth Edition of the Amazing Race as they suffered

    Through a lot of hardship as well as also stayed true

    To one another as well as are devout Christians! The man

    Really rocks indeed! Just love fan favortites as well as underdogs. Glad that he and Kim won! Way to go you both!