Chloe Sevigny





11/18/1974 , Darien, Connecticut, USA

Birth Name

Chloë Sevigny




Chloë Sevigny was born in Darien, Connecticut, on November 18th, 1974. Her older older brother Paul born two years earlier. Sadly Chloë 's father died in 1996, but her mother still lives in Connecticut.

The actress was first discovered by Sassy magazine in 1993 where she worked as an intern and soon became the "IT" girl. At the age of 18 she moved to Brooklyn. Chloë has appeared in a series of movies and projects through that time and up until present day. She has worked alongside Nicole Kidman in the movie Dogville and Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry.

Chloë has been involved romantically with writer/director Harmony Korine since they were teenagers. Harmony, who had a significant role early on in Chloë's acting career is now married to actress Rachel Korine.

After her Oscar-nominated and critically-acclaimed performance in Boys Don't Cry, Sevigny appeared in more than a dozen movies before settling in the fictional polygamous Utah household on HBO's Big Love (2006) as Bill Paxton's second of three wives.