Chloe Webb

Chloe Webb


1/1/1956, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

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Chloe Webb


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  • What is up with the phony-faced plastic surgery job on her?

    As the parent of two growing girls, I am continually amazed that any actress would screw up her face the way that Chloe Webb has done. Is she right in the head? Now, the only believable characters she can play are OTHER women who have screwed up their faces with bad plastic surgery. What a fine role model for today's growing girls. Ms. Webb must be so proud. What is it, some sort of body dysmorphia? Many types of mental disorders can be hidden by a good actor - but for some, it shows plainly on the face. I see that she is listed as living in Greenwich Village, so perhaps the freak show atmosphere down there provides her with a supportive environment for her bizarre face, and for whatever is wrong with her mind.moreless
  • Chloe Webb is most well known for her potrayal of the tragic Nancy Spungeon in Alex Cox\' 1986 movie, Sid And Nancy. Her performance was both powerful and breathtaking. However, Chloe\'s career failed to evolve beyond Nancy, recieving minor roles in 1989\moreless

    Chloe Webb showed so much promise at the beginning of her career, the sheer power and passion in her role as Nancy Spungeon has not been equalled by any other female actor, no not even Angelina Jolie. But her later roles in Twins and Practical Magic also brought out her more softer and sweeter side.

    I think she is a fine actress and very underused over the years. There was so much more out there for her after Sid And Nancy, but unfortunately the powers that be chose to completely ignored her.moreless