Chris Barrie

Chris Barrie


3/28/1960, Hanover, West Germany

Birth Name

Christopher Jonathan Barrie


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Christopher Jonathon Barrie was born in Hannover, Germany on 28th March 1960. He was brought up in Northern Ireland, and was Head Boy in his final year at school, and played the lead role in Dial M for Murder at school.

He started a Business Studies Course…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He has two sons with less than two years of difference from each other.

    • He started his career as a stand up comic impersonator.

    • According to Barrie during a DVD commentary for Red Dwarf he is the only member of the Red Dwarf cast who was thought to be 'legit' actor by David Ross, the actor who originally portrayed the character of Kryten.

    • He recently took part in a podcast of an internet show by fellow Red Dwarf actor Robert Llewellyn.

    • He voices the first two red dwarf audio books: infinity welcomes careful drivers and better than life.

    • He is an avid car fan and has hosted and participated in several shows about cars.

    • Chris was in a short movie that was released in 2008 where he played a shy optometrist that fell in love with his shop assistant but is unable to speak to her about it. The situation changes when he discovers a pair of magic glasses.

    • Chris got the chance to reprise his role as Arnold Rimmer on the three episode Easter special called red dwarf: back to Earth, that aired from April 10th to 12th on Dave.

    • Chris appeared in all episodes of The Brittas Empire.

    • Chris appeared in all but four episodes of Red Dwarf.

    • Duct Soup was the first episode of Red Dwarf not to feature Chris.

    • Chris was offered a role on the short lived Red Dwarf USA series but turned it down because of the standard 5 years old contract required for American television.

    • Unfortunately, Chris realized that his marriage to Monica was more about passion than love, and they split up in 1990.

    • Chris has two dogs - Cocoa (a Labrador) and Dexter (an Alsatian).

    • Chris currently lives in a village in Berkshire, England.

    • On December 3, 1997, Chris married Alecks.

    • Chris went to a Methodist boarding school in Belfast, and became Head Boy in his final year.

    • Chris completed his first full series as a presenter on Discovery Channel's Massive Engines.

    • Chris' early television and radio experience includes a series of On the Fringe for HTV, Stomping on the Cat and Pajamarama for LWT.

    • Chris began his show business career as one of the original Comedy Store Gong Show performers.

    • Chris is a man of many impressions, including Sean Connery's James Bond, Ronald Reagan, Prince Charles, Robin Day, David Coleman, Sir John Gielgud, Paul Daniels, Barry Norman, John Cole, George Bush, Jack Nicholson and Kenneth Williams.

    • Chris was also the principal male voice on Spitting Image and the Jasper Carrot Election Special (1983).

    • Chris is perhaps most famous for his role as disaster-prone leisure center manager, Gordon Brittas in The Brittas Empire, and the hologram Rimmer in Red Dwarf.

    • Chris originally auditioned for the part of Lister in Red Dwarf (1988), but was cast as Rimmer instead.

    • Chris met his current wife, Alecks, during a bomb scare.

    • Chris provided many of the voices for Spitting Image, and as such, during the filming of programmes he starred in like Red Dwarf and the Brittas Empire he liked to joke around, and put on some of these accents for the audience. The only television programme where he uses his real voice is Red Dwarf.

  • Quotes

    • Chris Barrie: (comparing Rimmer from red dwarf with Brittas from Brittas empire)The Rimmer character was more complex, tortured in many ways whereas Brittas who was told he was brilliant at everything when he was a youngster turned into just an administrative monster who didn't know how to deal with people.

    • Chris Barrie: (When asked which character he liked more – Rimmer in red dwarf or Brittas from Brittas empire) Well they were both pains in the neck but apart from that they were quite different I guess...both.

    • Chris Barrie: I never attended a drama school so I'm not a "proper" actor. Acting is good because it's open to everyone, with any type of career, this way they can bring their lifestyle to work with them.

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