Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit


5/21/1967, Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Birth Name

Christopher Michael Benoît



Also Known As

Wild Pegasus, "The Rabid Wolverine", "The (Canadian) Crippler"
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Often regarded as the "Internet Darling" since practically every internet fan worships him, Chris Benoit has made a reputation for being one of the most versatile workers of all time. Chris Benoit can do mat wrestling, brawling, and at times high flying. Benoit as a kid was heavily…more


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  • Trivia

    • In 2003, Benoit's wife, Nancy, wanted to put a restraining order on him because she claimed that he was being too violent with her.

    • Upon news that his death, as well as his son Daniel and wife Nancy's deaths were the result of a double murder suicide, WWE seeked to, for lack of a better term, "eradicate" Chris Benoit from the history books. The tragedy also brought hard backlash against WWE and professional wrestling due to the strong possibility that Mr. Benoit was under the influence of steroids during the double murder suicide.

    • His last match was against Elihja Burke on ECW on June 19, 2007. He won against Burke and was supposed to fight CM Punk for the ECW Championship that Sunday at Vengence.

    • Investigators in Atlanta, Georgia think that Benoit strangled his wife, and smothered his son. On Monday, they believe Chris hung himself.

    • At 2:30pm on June 25th, 2007 Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel were found dead in their home in Georgia.

    • Weight 220 pounds.

    • He is 5 foot 11.

    • On the October 13, 2006 edition of SmackDown!, He beat Mr. Kennedy to become the U.S. Champion.

    • On October 9, 2006's RAW Family Reunion, He beat Shelton Benjamin.

    • On October 8, 2006, He beat William Regal at No Mercy. This was his first match after being gone for 5 months.

    • His current nicknames include: The Crippler, The Canadian Crippler, and The Rabid Wolverine.

    • Chris Benoit won the WWE United States Championship in 25.5 seconds, the shortest match held for that title that resulted in the championship changing owners. He also holds the record for quickest title defense, which was 22.5 seconds.

    • Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle were the first WWE Tag Team Champions on WWE SmackDown!

    • Benoit had met his best friend, Eddie Guerrero, in a match in Japan, when he utilized an Enziguri kick, and knocked him out cold, thus starting a friendship lasting over ten years.

    • During May 2001, Chris Benoit wrestled a total of 7 matches in 48 hours, At the Judgment Day PPV, He wrestled Kurt Angle in a 2 out of 3 falls match (Pinfall only, Submission only and a ladder match) which went to a 3rd fall. At the same PPV, He was also Chris Jericho's mystery partner in tag team turmoil, Beating X-factor and Edge and Christian to win the contest, thus earning a tag team title match the next night on Raw against Steve Austin and Triple H and winning the titles. Then at the Smackdown taping the following night, He was involved and won a TLC Match with himself and Jericho against Edge and Christian, the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz.

    • Benoit is the second person to have become a WCW and WWE triple crown champion. Bret Hart accomplished this before him.

    • Benoit is one of few wrestlers who have managed to beat one of the top WWE superstars of RAW, Triple H, three times in a row.

    • Chris Benoit's current pay per view/supercard record currently is 56 wins, 51 losses, and 2 no contests.

    • Chris Benoit is one of three people to participate in the first triple threat main event for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, and the first to actually win the title in a triple threat main event, with Rey Mysterio being the second.

    • Chris Benoit performs his signature "cut-throat" taunt when he about to attempt one of his signature moves, the diving headbutt.

    • Chris Benoit defeated A-Train at No Mercy 2003.

    • He and Brock Lesnar defeated Team Angle in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match at Backlash 2003.

    • May 26, 2006- He beat Mark Henry by DQ on SmackDown.

    • May 21, 2006- He beat Finlay at Judgement Day.

    • His first match was a Tag Team Match on November 22, 1985 for Stampede Wrestling. He teamed with Rick Patterson to defeat Butch Moffat and Mike Hammer in Calgary, Alberta.

    • May 19, 2006- Chris Benoit and Gunner Scott beat Booker T and Finlay in a tag team match on SmackDown.

    • In June 2001, Chris suffered a severe neck injury that kept him out for exactly a year.

    • He played football in high school as defensive end.

    • He's a former member of WWF team "The Radicalz".

    • He's a former member of the WCW Revolution.

    • He idolized the Dynamite Kid, Tommy Billington, growing up.

    • His wrestling debut was November 22, 1985.

    • Chris Benoit was the first person to end a WrestleMania main event match by defeating his oponent using a submission move.

    • He is the third shortest WWE World Heavyweight Champion, behind the late Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

    • He became the second person to win the Royal Rumble match with the #1 draw. The first was Shawn Michaels in 1995. Chris Benoit won the Royal Rumble match in 2004, by eliminating Big Show last.

    • He has held every major title in WWE except the WWE and European Championships.

    • He and Kurt Angle were the first WWE Tag Team Champions in WWE Smackdown!

    • He is the first person to retain the World Heavyweight Championship belt in an Iron Man Match.

    • Wrestling Observer Newsletter Accomplishments:
      He is a member of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame (inducted in 2003)
      1994 Best Technical Wrestler
      5 Star Match: vs. Great Sasuke (Super J Cup '94)
      1995 Best Technical Wrestler
      1998 Most Underrated Wrestler
      2000 Most Outstanding Wrestler
      2000 Best Technical Wrestler
      2002 Match of the Year (with Kurt Angle vs Edge and Rey Mysterio)
      2003 Best Technical Wrestler
      2004 Most Outstanding Wrestler
      2004 Feud of the Year (vs Triple H and Shawn Michaels)
      2004 Best Technical Wrestler
      2004 Best Brawler

    • He helped induct Eddie Guerrero to the WWE Hall of Fame.

    • He lost his World Heavyweight championship to Randy Orton.

    • Although Benoit had been previously introduced as hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, in 2003 Vince McMahon decided that he was to be introduced as "now residing in Atlanta, Georgia", as Benoit had been living there since his time in WCW. The rationale was that American fans would be more likely to get behind him if he were perceived to be American (the same occurred to Chris Jericho when they started introducing him as "born in Manhasset, New York". Still, Benoit received a hometown hero's welcome when he defended the World Heavyweight Championship in Edmonton at Backlash 2004, where he defeated Shawn Michaels and Triple H in a Triple Threat Match.

    • Chris Benoit was trained at Stu Hart's Dungeon and New Japan Pro Wrestling's Dojo.

    • Chris Benoit is credited for being the first Royal Rumble winner to use the "contract loophole", where the winner can choose to stay on his brand or move to the other brand and fight the brand's respective World Champion.

    • Chris Benoit's first match was a Tag Team Match on November 22, 1985 for Stampede Wrestling, teaming with Rick Patterson to defeat Butch Moffat & Mike Hammer in Calgary, Alberta.

    • Despite the storyline that he is often "passed over" for titles, Benoit has won almost every major WWF/WWE and WCW individual title (including his one-day WCW World Heavyweight Title reign) as well as one-half of every major WWF/WWE, WCW, and ECW tag team championship. The only titles to elude him thus far are the WWE Championship and the defunct WWE European Championship. He is also the only born Canadian to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

    • Benoit's entrance theme music is "Whatever", performed by Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace. This song is a vocal version of his earlier WWE theme music, "Shooter".

    • Benoit's lost tooth is usually credited to training or an accident early on in his wrestling career. It actually resulted from an accident involving his pet Rottweiler. One day, Benoit was struck with the top of the Rottweiler's head beneath his chin, and his tooth "popped out".

    • Chris Benoit has switched brands more than any other wrestler since the WWE Draft. He has jumped show 4 times.

    • He was a member of the Four Horseman.

    • He likes using the sharp shooter as a finisher.

    • He wrestled Kevin Sullivan in an innovative match (GAB'96-Falls Count Anywhere) that everyone now rips off.

    • He has wrestled in ECW, WWE, WCW, New Japan, and even Mexican federations.

    • He wrestled in 2002's Match of the Year, that was Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle Vs. Rey Mysterio & Edge at No Mercy.

    • He invented the "Rolling Northern Lights"(with a hammerlock), which is like doing a Nothern Lights over 3 times in a row.

    • He is married to a women named Nancy Sullivan, who used to be with Benoit's arch rival in the ring Kevin Sullivean.(which later became in real life, because Benoit hooked it up with Sullivans wife, which was only suppose to be a storyline)

    • He wrestled as the "Wild Pegasus" in Japan.

    • He wrestled in Japan, and actually won a Super J Cup tournament.

    • He invented the "Superbomb"(which is a top rope powerbomb) and "SuperTombstone"(top rope tombstone piledriver), which is a top rope powerbomb, which is kinda ironic since his hero invented the "Superplex".

    • He learned the "Crippler Crossface" from fellow great technical wrestler Dean Malenko.

    • He was trained by the legendary Hart Family in the Hart Dungeon.

    • Chris Benoit likes using the "Crippler Crossface", the sharpshooter, the diving headbutt, and occasionally, the three amigos to commemorate his late friend, Eddie Guerrero.

  • Quotes

  • Chris Benoit deserves to be remembered, not ignored!

    Good day, everyone, this is Roy Stantz. You may know that it's been a year since the Chris Benoit murder/suicide. Now, before I tell you my thoughts on Chris Benoit, aka the Canadaian Crippler and the Rabid Wolverine, I'd first like to mention that I have been a fan of wrestling since late 1991-early 1992. Now, what I'm about talk about is a response to Cybador's Chris Benoit rant on deviantART. First, let's recap what happened:

    One year ago, June 22nd to June 25th of 2007, Chris Benoit murdered his wife Nancy, and 7-year old son Daniel in their home in Atlanta, Georgia. During the Chris Benoit tribute on Raw, when the Atlanta Sheriff's Department sent reports of this incident to them, World Wrestling Entertainment and the McMahon family decided it would a "good" idea to just ignore Chris and never feature any of his matches on WWE TV ever again!

    Like Cybador said, Chris Benoit is a 20-year veteran who busted his butt for wrestling, and since they refuse to give him a proper tribute, WWE are just urinating all over Benoit's legacy, as well as all of the wrestlers around the world. Because of that, a lot of stubborn (and stupid) fans tend to remember him for that one stupid mistake. Yes, it's true that Chris murdered his wife and son, but c'mon, people! Think of all the many good things that Benoit accomplished in his career, like winning the 2004 WWE Royal Rumble, or becoming the WCW Champion on his last day with World Championship Wrestling. Cybador really hit the nail on the head when he said that it's pointless for all of us to pull our trousers down and join in the peeing fest that WWE is holding. Also, me and my older brother had the pleasure of watching Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle wrestle Eddie and Chavo Guerrero at a live Smackdown event at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast in October 2002.

    On a side note, Cybador did mention that WWE have also completely forgotten about how wrestlers who are now working for Total Nonstop Action liked Kurt Angle originally helped shape WWE into what it is today. Anybody remember when Edge made his WWE debut 10 years ago, he was portrayed as a troubled soul, who would later join forces with Gangrel and Christian to form the Brood? Well, since Christian's working for TNA, and Gangrel's willingly retired from wrestling, all of that has been erased from Edge's profile. Also, any time when WWE acknowledge all the wrestlers who held the WWE Championship, they just ignore Bruno Sammartino, who was the first ever WWWF Champion, and I can understand since he has a grudge with Vince that lasts to this day.

    Back to Chris Benoit before I go off topic. On the tribute to him on that very Raw, every WWE wrestler, official, road agent, and even the entire McMahon family praised Chris as being a great son, father, and husband. So why would he feel like killing the two most important people in his life? Very absurd and mysterious, but like Cybador said, that's the only conclusion that all abandoning and backstabbing fans can come up with! Personally, I think Benoit may not have known what he was doing at the time of the murder, and it's all because of the million head shots he took over the 20 years in the wrestling business, not just in ECW, WCW, and WWE! Really, do all these idiots (especially the McMahons) really think that Chris Benoit would really kill someone for fun?! It's an insult to his memory! Does that really strike the McMahon family as the easy way out?!?

    Vince McMahon, I respect everything you've done, but one day, you and your family are going to have to wake up, stop ignoring Chris Benoit, start showing his greatest matches on your Vintage Collection show, and give Chris a proper tribute. If not, then I hope your company goes out of business!

    So in conclusion, we should all remember Chris Benoit for all those great wrestling matches that he put on until his death, not for murdering his loved ones!

    Goodbye, Chris Benoit, I still miss you. Hope you and Eddie Guerrero are having a good time up in heaven.moreless
  • Sad to see him go.

    Chris Benoit must have been a gift from God to the WWE, and they disrespect him like that? He gave a lot for WWE and yet they act like he never happened. They did give him 1 tribute episode on Raw, but that's it. He should have made the Hall of Fame this year. When Cena was on Larry King, so was Bret Hart, Chris Jericho (he wasn't a superstar anymore at the time), and many others, but WWE only mentioned Cena. They advertisede it so much it was like they were praising him, but they didn't mention he was with others talking about Benoit. Even if he used steroids, WWE was being unfair. I give my best wishes to the Benoit Family. R.I.P Chris Benoit 1967-2007. You will be missed.moreless