Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh


3/24/1984, Dallas, Texas

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Christopher Wesson Bosh



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In the summer of 2010 Chris Bosh joined LeBron James in taking his talents to South Beach to join the Miami Heat. Bosh previously played seven seasons with the Toronto Raptors.


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  • A good player.

    Chris Bosh is by far one of the better big men in basketball. He seems like he is a natural scorer and can play with good effiency. The thing with Bosh that makes him different from most other NBA players is the fact that he aspires to be an actor and has taken some steps to do so. Getting back to his skills on the court, Bosh has been very good at creating mismatches for the other team due to the fact that he is nearly 7 feet and can play the small forward spot. I still think that he needs to be a better rebounder and a better defender. Thank you.moreless
  • Has already established himself a high spot in one of the best in the extremely deep class of 03, and isn't far in doing the same in the NBA in general.moreless

    A lot of people have looked down on the Toronto Raptors for their rather atrocious season in 05-06. Even as a Raptors fan, things weren't looking great after they lost to an International team at home, started the season off 1-16, and gave up 81 points to Kobe Bryant despite an extremely impressive offensive outbreak. Many people questioned Chris Bosh being on the All Star team, but what people should have been questioning is why he wasn't originally supposed to be on it in the first place. Chris Bosh is not only one of several people that were drafted from one of the best draft classes in years that included Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Boris Diaw, Josh Howard, Carmelo Anthony, but he's already considered as one of the top Power Forwards within his position. This young man's in and out game allows him to either spot up for a jumper, or beat his man off the dribble. He's simply one of the most dominating men in basketball today.

    When the 03-04 season started, I wasn't sure what to expect from the Raptors, because I felt they were just out of luck for getting the fourth pick in a top three pick phenom. Plus, I was still mortified at how Darko Milicic turned out for my other favourite team, the Pistons. However, Bosh, much like Dwyane Wade, surprised a few people, and it wasn't long until everyone in the league knew who they were. Over the past few seasons, as players on the Raptors roster started disappearing, Bosh was only getting better. After Vince Carter left, the leadership role was put on Jalen Rose's shoulder. And while he was the premier leader of the Raptors, Bosh was given more responsibility on his part to lead this team. After Rose left, Bosh did an excellent job of taking over the role of the leader of a young and promising squad, and while they came up six games shorter than the previous season, he was injured for like the last fifteen games, causing the Raptors to go on a slide similar to the one they had in the beginning of the season, winning only one game. However, you can only expect great things from him in the next season, along with the new Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo, responsible for the work he's done with the Phoenix Suns. Many people have compared Chris Bosh to Kevin Garnett due to their versatility, and while I'm not agreeing with it right now, it's not hard imagining Chris Bosh molding himself into such a player.

    Bosh isn't a person you can't hate. He has nice work ethic, he looks nice, and he is nice. Plus, what's there to hate on when he's on a subpar team? The Raptors may be looked down upon for one of their more horrible seasons in franchise history, but one has to consider that with a young nucleus, and an experienced new GM that has created multiple powerhouse teams over his career, that the direction the Toronto Raptors are taking can only be a good one that will cause some damage in the Eastern Conference against other current young teams like the Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Chicago Bulls.moreless