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  • anglena

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  • I don't say this very often but I HATE HIM!

    He is a horriable person. Needs anger managment classes for life.
  • Chris is VERY talented. And not 2 mention GORGEOUSLY HOT!

    Chris Brown is like one of my favorite singers!!Hes very talented and I just luv him.Plus I have Both of his cds:)
    And he is just so fineee! My Youtube Bg is a picture of Chris Brown.And i was thinking of putting up posters of him up on my bedroom walls.Anywho.I really like lil mamas new video 'Shawty get loose' feat. Chris Brown and T-Pain.iTS aWeSoMe.It a remake video of Michael and Janet Jacksons vid SCREAM.And Chris looks really hot in the music video.Even tho he does make some weird faces.He's still smexi tho.
    Whoa!I STILL dont have a hundred words?!Ok now i do =)
  • amazing

    chris brown has a really nice voice and has got some good songs out - the kind that you can listen to over and over and not get bored - but whats with him and rihanna? errr...helloo! he could do so much better than her and she obv doesnt trust him anyway because she wouldnt let alexandra burke into one of his concerts because she was told that alexandra liked chris. it is petty and childish. but chris should see through that and see someone worthwhile. back to him, hihs dress sense is out of this world and she will be a long-lasting star with eyes like his.
  • Chris Brown was born in Virginia. He was once rejected by the same record company as Usher. Then he went to Jive. After that, he broke out with Run it and Yo. After that, he starred in two movies; This Christmas and Stomp the yard. He also appeared in TSL

    Chris Brown is a great actor and he is really gorgeous. All of this stuff he has done, from MTV to Disney Channel. He is also an awesome singer, and that boy got some moves on the dance floor! On the Suite Life of Zack and Cody it was so funny when he didn't know the words to London's web show theme song. But in Stomp the yard, it was kind of sad to see his character die. It was just terrible. I haven't seen This Christmas yet but I will. Way to go Chris !!!!!!!!!!! keep going!!!!!!!!! Go !
  • Great singer.

    Chris Brown is an African American R&B and Hip Hop artist. He began his singing career at 16, and is 18 now. I first saw him perform on the 2006 Kids' Choice Awards and I thought he was great. I had his song, "Run It!" stuck in my head for months. Chris has also been described as a girl magnet, which is somewhat understandable. He is now dating other musical artist, Rihanna. They make a cute couple, but he should be with Jordin Sparks. My favorite song of his is "Wall to Wall" or "Kiss Kiss." All of his songs are great.
  • Pretty Boy aka Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!

    OMFG I luv Chris Brown then again who doesn't love him? his sexy, his talented and he plays basketball! love a guy who plays basketball did I mention that his soooooo fine? anyway I got chris's new album exclusive It's great i hope he comes out w/ another album soon.

    his just as fine as Lil'J from That's So Raven that's just my opioion but Chris and Lil'j are both fine their sooooooo mouth waterin'! Chris also has a very cute smile OMG his smile is so pretty he just be lookin' so good my heart skips beats his one of my heartthrobs.
  • I LOVE HIM!!!

    Christopher Maurice Brown, born on May 5th, 19 years old and already a big time famous singer!! He's fame started around the year his first album sold, 2005. One of songs "Run it!" was number one in America, New Zealand and Australia. As was "Run it" that was on the top ten list! Brown also said he wanted to keep his clean enough for the younger audience! He also does charity work! He gave $50,000 dollors to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. He was nominated for lots' of awards. He's first award recived was for "Best R&B/Soul New Artist" on 2006, for the "Soul Train Music Awards" Chris has accomplished so much, he will go places...
  • Chris Brown rocks all my friend luv him nd i luv his songs

    I dont know what to write lolz i mean its not too long so ill think of somthing. I luv is music his voice his smile his moves ( dance moves of course ). I xcant believe once i didnt know who he was but then again i was a super dork and didnt know anything all my friends would go omg did you hear about.... then i would go who da hell is she/he but now im up to date . Its so sad that he might die even though it was his own fault waaa. chris brown rocks my world
  • Very, Very GoooooD!

    I think that Chris Brown is an awesome singer, I love him. He is my favourite R&B singer! My favourite songs from his are... Run it, Kiss Kiss and With you. He music has alot of meaning and its not just words, he puts everything to it. I want to buy his Albums, when I get the chance and the money! I really like Chris Brown in the OC, he was a cool character and I really like his role in that show. I cant wait to hear more songs from Chris Brown and see him in more movies, because he is so talented. Oh and Chris Brown is super hot..!
  • Chris Brown is a very talented. He sings very well.

    I think Chris Brown is a very talented singer, and he has played in a couple movies too. I am really liking his latest songs "Kiss Kiss" and "With You". I could listen to those songs all the time. I also really like his debut with Jordin Sparks "No Air", they sing well together. I also really liked Chris when he was on the O.C. He played a cool character and I really liked his role. I can not wait to hear more songs from Chris brown and maybe more movies. He is talented and could do a lot. I can not wait to see what's next.
  • Dang!! Chris Brown is just too awesome!

    Chris Brown makes really good music! I love his songs. His voice is sooo awesome! I love his songs, Run It, Yo (Excuse Me Miss), Say Goodbye, With you, Gimme That, Take You Down, Wall to Wall, Kiss Kiss, I'll See Ya, and pretty anything else he made. Chris Brown is one heck of a dancer!!! HE GOT MOVES!!! He is a master at dancing!! He is like THE best dancer. Omarion and Usher do come close tho. He has smooth and slick moves! I love his hat trick that he does! It is sooo fun to watch his music videos.
  • Chris Breezy is a master in his fields =]

    He can sing, he can DANCE!, he can act... Chris Brown is a young Triple Threat. Oh, and did I mention he's incredibly sexy? x] I've loved Chris Brown ever since I heard Run It! with Juelz Santana. And his music kept getting better and better from there. I love when his song Kiss Kiss feat. T-Pain comes on [but I do think they're starting to overplay a great song =/]. He has a voice that will make you melt. When I'm with my friends, I can't help but scream everytime I hear a Chris Brown song being played. I had a picture of him in the front of my binder, and I'm now known throughout the school to be "The Chris Brown Girl". I can't wait for his new movie, "This Christmas" to come out. I'm so hyped! Ahh! I LOVE YOU CB. =]
  • Iam Only 13 years Old ?,.. hés like,. 19 or something ? It just Cant Be os 2 ?,.. But i really Love him ? Hes in all my dreams ! God&bad dreams,..

    Chris Chris Chris ? ♥
    When i am talkin , Iam talkin bout' Him
    When i am Thinkin , Iam Thinkin Bout' Him
    When i am Dreamin , Iam Dreamin Bout' Him
    When i am Cryin , Iam Cryin FOR Him !
    I Live in DENMARK?,..
    Bút damn It? I Allways Dreams Bout' That i am gonna meet Him To a Private Party? And that he ask's Me out on Dinner ?
    And that He Says' That He Love's Me? and that He've Never Love'd Some one Like he Loves Me ?,..
    People ALLWAYS keepin on sayin ", Hes 18, And Your 13? Get Over it".....:/:/ Am i WRONG HER ?
  • My review is about the talents of the male R&B artist Chris Brown.

    Chris brown is not only a good singer, but a good dancer, actor, and role model as well. He inspires young people out there that it's okay to be who you are and still be known and be well-liked. He doesn't address girls in any negative form in any of his songs and that is one of the reasons that I love him and his music. Chris Brown is one of the best male R&B singers out there right now, and I can understand why- he works hard and never gives up, no matter what the circumstances. His music and dancing is loved by many age groups from the young to the old, and is well appreciated by many people too. A very talented artist such as Chris Brown deserves to be.
  • chris brown is one of my favorites he is a really great person his singing is very good and i know he would make a great husband someday but i would also love to meet him in person. i can listen to his music everyday all day its relaxing i love him

    chris brown has alot of fans but im his #1 fan i have all his music and i really love the way he sings.but im not the stalker type yes i know everything about him but im not the type that will juss go 2 his house and just watch everywhere he goes...i juss love his music and his personalty, he;s a ladys man and i love that type he's like the romantic type the quiet type and thats y i love him. i may sound a little over the edge but i really love his music and his music makes me love him so much.
  • he is super sexy!!!!

    Chris Brown is HOT!!!

    Chris is a great singer and dancer and he is so cute. And he is only 17. Pretty talented for a 17 year old boy. I loved watching him in his music video for Run It and Gimme That. I love his songs especially Run It, Gimme That, Young Love, Yo(Excuse Me Miss),and Say Goodbye. People are saying hes the next Usher. I see some similiarties between them but their both different in their own way. I hope Chris continues to sing, dance and even get into acting in the future.

    Keep up the good work Chris!!!!
  • Chris Brown is one of the best upcoming stars. You can be sure that he will go places. His voice is truly that of an angel, and he most certainly has the moves to back it up. He keeps it real. You gotta love that in a guy!!!!!!!

    Chris Brown is one of my few idols. He is one of the best upcoming stars. With his sweet, melodious voice, and his fly dance moves Chris will certainly rise to the top quickly. He can be defined as a young Usher. He is not only talented, but he is also really, really handsome. He is so charming and charismatic that people are naturally drawn to him. He has a bubbly personality and despite his recent fame, is remained down-to-earth, which is always a thing to see in celebrities. He is true to his fans and always keeps us satisfied. I hope that one day he will find a girl who is worthy of him. One who will give him the love and respect he deserves.
  • empty

    Chris Brown is a very talented rapper/R&B singer. His dancing skills in "Stomp the Yard" were excellent.
  • He is a singer, dancer, actor, and on top of all that he the hottest thing i seen in an long time.

    In my opinion Chris Brown is really cute and you can tell he's full of himself in the way that girls including myself be throwing there selfs at him.He can really dance and he doing a movie called "Stomp The Yard" and i heard that in the movie he dies early.I never seen him act before so i can't wait till i see it.He's an decent singer but has like a soft girly voice.He showed off his moves at the award show and got the crowd wild up.By picking an girl out there and singing to her.She was all up on him but i would be to because he fine and i want him to be mine.
  • empty

    Chris Brown is a great hip hop singer. He has done well and has been successful that all folks.
  • my boo he's so fine

    chris maurice brown is so fine i love him alot he is my cousin's godbrother so i have met him many times but what he dont knoe is dat i love da f*ck out of him damn he's even sexier in person his smile is like one ive never seen before. . . beautiful gergous one of a kind im telling youY i have always loved him i have ginnen that dummy so many cules by the way did i already tell u i touched his abbs damn damn damn i wanted to faint but i had to keepz it kool ya dig
  • He is so awesome. He is so cute too. He's a great singer and anyone who dissagrees with that is just weird. He should have a tv show and that would be something to watch.

    I have nver expected a teenager that was only around 14 or 16 to get a big music career. When I heard his songs I fell in love with them. They are so awesome. Chris Brownis so cute and handsome. I would love to meet him in person but I wouldn't be that lucky. My favorite song he sings would have to be "Gimme That" and "Run It". I have his cd and it is awesome. I can't wait to see the next cd he comes out with and I will definitley buy it no doubt about it. Chris Brown is awesome and I hope he never gives up singing. I wouldn't know what to do!
  • Chris Brown...

    Chris Brown is HOT!!!

    Chris is a great singer and dancer and he is so cute. And he is only 17. Pretty talented for a 17 year old boy. I loved watching him in his music video for Run It and Gimme That. I love his songs especially Run It, Gimme That, Young Love, Yo(Excuse Me Miss),and Say Goodbye. People are saying hes the next Usher. I see some similiarties between them but their both different in their own way. I hope Chris continues to sing, dance and even get into acting in the future.

    Keep up the good work Chris!!!!
  • chris brown is soooo SEXAY. thats my husband not yours so bag up off him he dont want yall. yall can hate and dream all yall want i dont really care.

    Baby come here and sit down, let's talk
    I got a lot to say so I guess I'll start by
    Saying that I love you, But you know, this thing ain't been No walk in the park for us
    I swear it'll only take a minute
    You'll understand when I finish, yeah
    And I don't wanna see you cry
    But I don't wanna be the one to tell you a lie so

    How do you let it go? When you,
    You just don't know? What's on,
    The other side of the door
    When you're walking out, talk about it
    Everything I tried to remember to say
    Just went out my head
    So I'ma do the best I can to get you to understand
  • Chris Brown is one of my personal favorites.

    Chris Brown born Christopher Maurice Brown May 5, 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia is a very talented 17 year old male. I think Chris Brown is truely my favorite male R&B singer. He is a awsome singer and a great dancer too. So Chris is very talented in both fields. His self titled debut album released in November of last year, and I beleive that the Cd went platinum if i'm not mistaken. I was a hit, I store bought the Cd twice. One was the regular and one was a dual disk with a Cd on one side and aDVD on the other. I loved it, I liked every song on the Cd. My favorite songs include Young Love, Ya Man Ain't, and Say Goodbye. Of course my favorites before them were Run It, Yo (Excuse Me Miss), and who can forget Gimme That. Chris Brown also put out a DVD that went gold tilted Chris Brown's Journey. I also purchased that as well. I wish him great success for the future. Chris Brown is also someone I wish to met in person.
  • Chris Brown is cool. I really like him and his music.

    Chris Brown is cool. His one of my personal favorites. He can dance and sing. I think he's very talented. And any one else who doesn't like him you some haters. I store bought his CD, it's a good one. I liked the whole CD basicly. I can listen to it from beginning to end without skipping songs or fastfording if I wont'd to. I also bought his DVD, it was straight. My cousins also really like him. Chris Brown impresses me. I'm 15 he's 17 but I still look up to him and respect him. He's actaually like a role model to me even though he's only 2 years older than me. Like I said before, he's really cool and talented, and I like him and all his music. My two favorite sings from his CD is Young Love and Say GoodBye, but I do all the songs on the CD though. And his full birth name is Christopher Maurice Brown.
  • Did yall she he at the bet awards 2006 he was off the hook for real chris brown is like the next brian macknight with a little jazz in him if he had his own show and he was funny that i would totally give him the best review ever and he not that bad

    if he had his own show,and he was funny,i would totally like him for life,chris brown and singer/actor/comedian?
    his new move step up is coming soon to theaters and is going to be hit and the soundtrack is about to be off the wall and straight crunkin the club he s a all right guy and
    im boy and i love his music but girls love him the most cuz you know girls and heres a advice for chirs chris if you had a comedy show and you was the lead girls will love you for life me,chris brown is the next brian macknight on his way to the moneyland and yall can believe that and did i mentions he was tight at the bet awards this year
  • Go Chris. He's the MAN.

    Chris Brown is talented. I didn't even know he was a writer for a cartoon show either. I mostly pay attention to his songs. WHOA! He's a writer and a singer. I didn't even understand why he ain't famous like Matt Groening or Kelly Clarkson. He should be better than those two. Chris is the BEST. Period.
  • He is great!

    Chris Brown is amazing. He can sing, dance, and look good!!! My favorite song is Run It! because it is a cool song, that I enjoy. But of course I also love other songs he sings. I was so happy when I saw him on the Kids Choice Awards, then, I got happier, because he sang run it. Chris Brown is excellent. Chris Brown is Wonderful. He is one of my favorites, and that's why he gets a spot on my chart. Chris Brown is an unforgetable singer. Who dosen't love him?!? I do!!!! Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! Phenominal singer. Chris Brown Rules!
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